Review – Slots #2

Slots #2

Hard Knock Life

At the end of Slots #1, Stanley Dance started to hatch his plan. It starts with the old man stepping back into the boxing ring. He also got to meet his now grown son, whom he skipped out on when he was young, who also happens be an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fighter and the meeting did not go well! Stanley is still trying to help a friend, but with the man that made Stanley skip town on his tale, he is going to have to put it all of his cards on the table to make this work. The plan starts to come together nicely in Slots #2, but now Stanley Dance has to step back in the ring and fight to make his quest to become a decent man to fruition.

Slots #2 Cover by Dan Panosian
Slots #2 Cover by Dan Panosian

Slots #2 is an interesting read, I really like what Dan Panosian is doing with the character of Stanley Dance. He is a very shady character that you cannot quite trust, but you still want to hang around to see what he is up to. Now maybe it is because it is only issue #2 of this series or that it has been a month since the last issue, but I was a little-lost story wise. I am still trying to figure out some characters and how they connect with the story and the other characters. That is a minor complaint as I still enjoyed Slots #2 as it almost feels like Ocean’s Eleven without all the glitz and glamour and all the characters are just super shady and not good people at all. As somebody who has done their fair share of boxing and MMA fighting, I do really enjoy the talk about those two sports and very interested to see what happens in the fights coming up in future issues.


Dan Panosian’s art continues to shine in Slots #2. He has a fantastic angular style that gives these characters this mischievous, dirty feeling to them. It is a very “gritty” style that really sets the tone for the series as soon as you open the book, you know right away you are in the back alleys of Las Vegas. This is the underbelly of the city and things are not as nice as they are on the main strip and Panosian lets you know that with his dark monotone color palate and sketchy character design. All that is not to say he does not put a wealth of detail in Slots #2. The characters are wonderfully designed each one is recognizable and has their own essence to them. I really am impressed how Panosian draws Stanley and his grown son, they really look like a father and son, when there is a close of his sons face you can see a little bit of Stanley in his features and it is a very impressive how Panosian does that with these two characters.


Slots #2 is a good second issue in this series, it builds upon the first issue well and has me excited to see what is coming next in Stanley’s grand plan. Slots #2 also confirms if after the first issue did not convince you that Stanley is still a terrible person (I am not going to spoil anything, but the man really he is awful). While I am still a little confused on some of the characters and a little bit about Stanley’s overall plan, Slots #2 was still an enjoyable read. Now that the pieces are in place it is time for action that means Stanley has to lace up his gloves and step into the ring once again to attempt to make things right.

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