Review – Supergirl #15

Supergirl #15

Can’t Get out

After the one-shot story in the last issue where she learned to get her powers back under control, Kara is back in her city, but the people are still divided against her for harboring her fugitive father, lying about it and the damage she did when her powers ran amuck! Now her “parents” have quit their jobs at the D.E.O. (Department of Extranormal Operations) to try and protect her. To make things worse the director of the D.E.O. Mr. Bones (former supervillain) is determined to capture Supergirl, he has posted D.E.O. Agents across the city and at every school. Kara’s life has gotten a lot tougher and all she wants to do is help people. Her job at CATCO has her writing about how bad Supergirl is, her “parents” want her to stay home and her friends are noticing how strange she has been acting. Supergirl is under a lot of stress and stress can be a “killer”, but who/what shows up at the end of Supergirl #15 might push Kara over the edge!

Supergirl #15 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau
Supergirl #15 Variant Cover by Stanley Lau

I am really digging what Jordy Houser and Steve Orlando are doing in Supergirl #15, they are giving this series a Spider-Man-like vibe to it. The city is at odds with Supergirl thinking she may be more of a menace than an asset, she is struggling with work, school and her parents and all the while she just wants to be out there saving the day, using her powers for good. Supergirl #15 is also a start to a new storyline and it is pretty easy to jump into for the most part. Houser and Orlando do a good job of telling how Supergirl got to this point without a big information dump, they weave it into the story well, so new readers won’t be completely lost. I love this Mr. Bones character as director of the D.E.O. he is really creepy and nefarious and he is working well as a “cigarette smoking man” type character that is pulling all the strings behind the curtain.


Supergirl #15 has the same art team as Issue #13, but something feels a little off in this issue. Some of the opening panels and pages just look odd; Supergirl is put in weird angles where her head and body do not look exactly right. The panel set up and angle of the shots just do not look right. Now the whole issue is not bad, it is really just the first few pages that are more action oriented that are off, the rest of the issue actually looks pretty good. Again the art team does a great job with the Mr. Bones character he looks creepy and is unsettling to look at. There is a great scene with Kara floating over her bed that looks very good, the perspective is nice, the background detail in her room is excellent and again as I said in issue #13 the art team does a fantastic job of drawing hair again. 


I am really starting to get into the story with Supergirl #15. It is very interesting to see how Kara is going to deal with all these new problems in her life. The writing team does a great job of balancing all of these different problems and subplots throughout the issue and making Supergirl #15 a really interesting read while starting a new story arc. While the art was very rough for the first few pages, it does smooth out for the rest of the issue. I am not sure what happened with those pages, but it does get a rather good book off to a rough start. I am looking forward to seeing where Kara goes from her and what happens with the reveal at the end of Supergirl #15.

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