Review – TMNT Ongoing #76

TMNT Ongoing #76

Invasion of the Triceratons Part 1

After last issue the brothers are finally back on Earth after helping in the trial of Krang and defeating the Malignoid swarm in Dimension X; well and after a side adventure with the Ghostbusters (see TMNT Ghostbusters 2 mini-series). The brothers are ready to grab a slice of pizza and relax, but as soon as they arrive home something is up, news stations are going crazy about a “terrorist” attack and New York City is on lockdown, the turtles hop back into action to investigate. What they do not know is that King Zenter leader of the Neutrino race who they just recently helped and have helped in the past made a promise to the Triceratons. You see the Triceratons are originally from the planet Earth (original the dinosaur called triceratops) The Utrom empire came to earth captured these animals an genetically modified them into the Triceraton race and then enslaved them, having them fight wars for them (side note comic books are weird). Well, Zenter made a deal with them if they helped defeat the Malignoid swarm and with the trial of Krang, he would send them back to their homeland Earth. Zenter failed to tell the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles about this, so the first people to great the Triceratons in TMNT Ongoing #76 is Agent Bishop and the E.P.F. (Earth Protection Force), as TMNT fans can probably guess, the first contact does not go well!


After a lackluster three-issue story arc in Dimension X IDW’s TMNT ongoing series is back on track with TMNT Ongoing #76. This is a fantastic start to this new storyline. I am not going to spoil anything in TMNT Ongoing #76, there are a few things that have me very interested and excited. The Triceratons come in peace initially, but obviously Agent Bishop being the evil guy he is peace gets thrown out, Detective Kara Lewis makes a very short appearance and I am wondering if she will play a bigger part in the story to come and I am very interested about that final page and how the brothers will react? 


I am glad Damian Courceiro is handling the art in this story arc starting with TMNT Ongoing #76, his rough more texture style fits well with the character designs of the Triceratons and while not as detailed or dynamic as say as Mateus Santolouco, his more minimalist style and the way he structures battle scenes really fit the story being told. Ronda Pattison again is just amazing on colors, I have literally run out of words on how to describe her coloring, just look at it, she is awesome. I really love the character designs of the Triceratons; the creative team does a good job of changing the design a little bit to fit this new series while still giving a nod to older designs for these characters. Courceiro does an excellent job of conveying the action and the hectic atmosphere of when the Triceratons make first contact with humans.


TMNT Ongoing #76 is just a wonderful start to a new story arc; the creative team is back on track after a little hiccup with the past three issues. The final page is an excellent teaser to where this story is going and it will have TMNT fans talking about it until issue #77 comes out. Even with little stalls here and there, TMNT continues to be one of the best ongoing series in comics right now. I cannot wait to see what the team has in store for the turtles and family in this storyline!

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