Review – Tut in Fruits of Labor

Tut in Fruits of Labor

The Fruits of Labor 

Tut in Fruits of Labor follows the great Pharaoh Tutankhamun, but before he was a ruler of ancient Egypt. In the story, we meet Tut as a teenager. Like most teenagers, he likes to relax and slack off during Summer break. Cleo (his love, Cleopatra) is having none of that! She wants him to know that luxuries in life only come from hard work, and that means Tut has to get a Summer job!

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Tut has no problem finding a job, but keeping it is another story. While constantly screwing up, one thing leads to another, mummies become friends and giant beasts are on the loose! It is just another crazy adventure for the young Pharaoh with Tut in Fruits of Labor.

Tut in Fruits of Labor is the first graphic novel from Studio Overpower. It is a new series of comic books targeting younger readers. Making Tut a young teenage screw-up in ancient Egypt is a lot of fun, and the creative team makes his stories and hi-jinx relatable to young readers. Tut in Fruits of Labor offers a wide variety of characters that Tut interacts with, making the book a fun entertaining read. The dialogue between Tut and the other characters is spot on, and Tut in Fruits of Labor is a funny, adventurous read for all ages.


Tut in Fruits of Labor has a very “digital” animated feel to it. While I am not always a huge fan of the more animated style that is in this series, it does fit great for the story and for the audience this series is geared toward. There is some good cartooning by Sandra Rios in Tut in Fruits of Labor. The facial expressions really sell all the comedy bits, and the art nails all the different action and movement in the story.

One downside is there is not a ton of background detail, which makes the book feel a little sparse and the world not as fully developed as it could be. The colors, by  Derek Toombs, pair well with the story in Tut in Fruits of Labor. The coloring definitely adds to the more animated, cartoon feeling of the series with the brighter range of colors Toombs uses.


Tut in Fruits of Labor is a good new series geared toward younger readers. It has what all great all-ages need: comedy with some action thrown in. Tut is just a clumsy teenager like we all were once, and the creative team really makes him a loveable guy. Tut is trying to do good but is having a lot of trouble along the way. You can find Tut in Fruits of Labor on Amazon on Kindle for $2.99 or for now the paperback edition is 44% off so it’s a $5.57. It is a great deal if you have a younger kid who is into comics. 

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of Tut in Fruits of Labor, but these thoughts are my own. 

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