Review – Super Sons Annual #1

Super Sons Annual #1

Getting the Band Back Together

Super Sons Annual #1 starts with Robin/Damian Wayne and Superboy/Jonathan Kent stopping an everyday bank robbery. With a job well done, the boys head back to their respective homes to get some much-needed rest, deciding that they can tackle the rash of dog-nappings around Gotham City tomorrow.

DC Super Sons Annual #1 cover by J Jiminez
DC Super Sons Annual #1 cover by J Jiminez

Instead of waiting, Krypto the Superdog decides to spring into action, but he is going to need some help! He proceeds to fly over to Wayne Maynor to pick up Titus the Bat-Hound to help in the investigation. But even this mystery may be too much for the dynamic duo, so it is time to get the Super-Pets back together. Will they be able to convince Flexi the Plastic Bird, Clay Critter, Bat-Cow and Streaky to join them once again? Find out in Super Sons Annual #1!

As you can probably tell, Super Sons Annual #1 does not have anything to do with the previous issue of Super Sons. I personally enjoy annuals being their own one-shot type story rather than tying into the ongoing title, but I know some people do not like it. Super Sons Annual #1 is a one-shot story which follows Titus and Krypto reforming the Super-Pets team, and it is an enjoyable read for what it is.

I still love how Peter J. Tomasi writes the banter between Damian and Jonathan; even though they are not in the book much, it is still a lot of fun. Tomasi does a good job of scripting the story in Super Sons Annual #1. There is not a whole lot of dialogue due to it focusing much on the animals, so the art team gets to carry a lot of the storytelling in this issue. It is a pretty enjoyable story and it has good pacing. The creative team fits quite a bit into the 39 pages.


Paul Pelletier is the penciller on Super Sons Annual #1 and Cam Smith handles the inks. They had a tall task ahead of them in this annual issue. Number one: as stated earlier there is not a ton of dialogue in this issue, so a bulk of the story has to be told through their art. Number two: the bulk of the issue obviously features animals, and these are not more anthropomorphic animals or more “cartoony” versions; the dogs look like dogs and cats like cats, so it makes it a little bit harder to convey emotion and what is going on with the story and scenes. The art team does a really good job of this. They don’t make the animals look too cartoony, but still capture all of the emotions going on as they have their adventure. Widening the eyes, showing teeth, they do a great job of catching the animals’ body language to bring out what is happening in the story.

I love the scenes of Krypto flying Titus around on his leash. He has the same disdainful look Batman or Damian have on their faces if Superman or Superboy does that to them. Hi-Fi’s colors are excellent, really just capturing the tone and feel of this fun story; there is a wonderful page of Titus jumping in the moonlight that is just beautifully colored.


Overall Super Sons Annual #1 was a fun issue that got the Super-Pets back together, and it is hard not to like seeing Krypto and Titus along with Bat-Cow and the others fighting crime. Yeah, it did not do anything original or groundbreaking story- or artwise, but it was enjoyable and sometimes that’s what you want in a comic, something not high-stakes or super-serious. Sometimes you just need a stretchy parrot or a detective chimp to brighten up your day!

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