Review – TMNT Ghostbusters II #5

TMNT Ghostbusters II #5

End Times, Part 2

TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 is the finale of this five-issue weekly mini-series. In the past issues, the Ghostbusters and Turtles had been broken up into pairs, traversing different odd universes trying to escape the Collectors (check out the reviews for issues 1-3 here). In issue #4 Darius Dun, fed up with the Collectors’ lack of progress, merged with the Collectors to become even more powerful, and now he is ready to once and for all fulfill his plan of capturing and torturing the Turtles for the rest of their father’s life. Egon and Donnie have got their plan finalized to finally stop the Collectors and get the Turtles back home, but in TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 when Donnie comes to bring everyone back to the Ghostbusters Universe, the Turtles have to leave a family member they have not seen in a very long time.

TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 Cover A by Dan Schoening
TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 Cover A by Dan Schoening

TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 has its high and low points, storywise. The low points are that there is not much tension or drama with the whole Collectors thing; they never really felt like a huge threat and it seems that they are taken care of pretty easily. I feel like the story being scattered across different universes made me forget about the Collectors as the “big bad” of the series, as what was happening in those different universes was way more interesting. I also felt like a lot happened with the Turtles and not much with the Ghostbusters, and as someone who cares way more about TMNT than Ghostbusters that was fine by me, but it did feel like the Ghostbusters got the short end of the stick in the series. The best thing about TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 was the Turtles getting reunited with a very special someone; if you read issue #4 then you know who it is, so it is no surprise, but it is a very heartfelt few pages and for long-time readers of IDW’s TMNT ongoing series it was really great to see. 


Charles Paul Wilson III handles the art duties for pages 1-8 in TMNT Ghostbusters II #5. These are the scenes that have the Turtles meeting up with that very special loved one in another strange universe, and while the dialogue is very touching and moving, Wilson’s art struggles to hit the emotional beats of the scenes. I feel his facial expressions on the characters are off a little. While it is good for some parts, after a while it feels like the Turtles all have the same look on their faces. I also really do not like how the Ghostbusters’ faces are drawn; they look very smooshed-together. The lack of detail in long-distance shots really hurts the dramatic feel of what is going on. It is not all bad, the emotions are all still there, just not as detailed or as moving as they could have been. I do like Wilson’s lines and shades; they really make the Turtles’ shells stand out and look great in bigger, more close-up scenes.

Dan Schoening once again handles the rest of the issue, which takes place in the Ghostbusters universe. His more kinetic style really amplifies the battle against the Collectors and he really nails body placement and scene structure in the more action-oriented pages.

Luis Antonio Delgado again does some wonderful coloring in TMNT Ghostbusters II #5, really bringing everything together perfectly.


TMNT Ghostbusters II #5 is a satisfying conclusion to the mini-series. While things with the Collectors were not that interesting, Turtle fans will love the first part of the issue. As a whole, TMNT Ghostbusters II was a solid comic book, but it still did not reach the height of the first mini-series. While the Turtles got most of the limelight and some really good emotional development, I am not sure if the Ghostbusters really got anything out of the second meeting besides helping the brothers. Seeing the different universes was fun and interesting, but overall the series just basically failed to excite me for each issue. Maybe it was because it was the second meeting, or because it came out weekly. The series as a whole just lacked that sense of excitement that makes me want to pick it up and read. Not saying it was bad or awful. It was just okay, and if they decide to do a TMNT Ghostbusters III they are really going to have to step it up.

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