Top 5 Most Exciting World of Warcraft Blizzcon Announcements

Top 5 Most Exciting World of Warcraft Blizzcon Announcements

Blizzcon has come and gone – however, we World of Warcraft fans are still buzzing with excitement for what feels like epic and major announcements coming to our beloved franchise in upcoming patches, and the looming expansion, Battle for Azeroth. Going back to the WAR in World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth will feature more faction-based conflict that perhaps anything short of the original “vanilla” game itself – and players are here for it. The Blizzcon Q&A Panel, hosted by Jennifer Bliton with panelists Ion Hazzikostas, Chris Robinson, J. Allen Brack, Alex Afrasiabi, and Matt Goss revealed a lot of new things headed our way. What else are fans excited for? Lets get started with the top 5, gathered from social media responses to the question: “What are the top 5 most exciting Blizzcon announcements for World of Warcraft?


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1. Six new character slots

 This is a bit of a two-parter that leads into #2 – with the introduction of allied races, where are we going to put them all? No fear, Blizzard is going to give us 6 more character slots per server to test out the new allied races (or whatever you want to add to your character menagerie).

2.Six new allied races

As was hinted at by pre-Blizzcon datamining, we are getting new allies in Battle for Azeroth – each faction receiving 3 more possible races to include in their stable of characters. Characters start at level 20, and each race will have their own story arc that will explain the joining of their respective factions. Players will also get the opportunity to earn “heritage armor”, which is gained by leveling your Allied Hero character from 20 to 110. Talks are continuing that there may even be more races added after the initial six. The breakdown for each faction:

[Image by Blizzard Entertainment]




  • Void Elves (Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior)
  • Lightforged Draenei (Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior)
  • Dark Iron Dwarves


  • Nightborne (Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior)
  • Highmountain Tauren (Druid, Hunter, Monk, Shaman, Warrior)
  • Zandalari Trolls


3. Classic World of Warcraft

Perhaps one of the most exciting items announced in the keynote was the incoming option of “classic” servers for World of Warcraft. Blizzard staffers commented on wanting to share the joy from back in the good ‘ol days with newer players – as well as bringing back some of the magic for veteran gamers. Blizzard is currently hiring and has already hired dedicated staff for this product, and is assuring players that it will be a “Blizzard quality experience” – perhaps a tongue-in-cheek reference to the nigh-unplayable first little while of the initial launch.


4. Bigger bags with the use of an Authenticator

Any World of Warcraft player will tell you the saga of the backpack. As expansions come and go, new tailoring and profession bags growing larger and larger, but our poor standard backpack seems to stay the same. Coming in future days, players will have a chance to expand their backpacks when associating an authentication device – available from Blizzard as a physical fob device or as a free smartphone app – with their account. A free added layer of security and a bigger backpack – what’s not to love?


5. New Goblin and Worgen Models, no more “chihuahua face”

Finally, the female worgen will be given “more wolflike features” for a fiercer visage. Although this change has no release date other than Soon(ish) – it may bring an influx of players back to lady worgen, who, for a long time since their introduction, have been openly made fun of for their chihuahua/purse-dog facial appearance. Updates for the male worgen and both sets of goblin models are also coming down the tubes, although they are not expected to drop with the Battle for Azeroth launch.



What were your TOP 5 exciting World of Warcraft info drops? Sound off in the comments!

Want to opt into the beta or see more details straight from Blizzard? Click HERE to be taken straight to the Battle for Azeroth.

Want to read more of the FAQ? Click HERE for the blog.


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