Review – Extremity #9 (Skybound/Image Comics)

Falling Down

At the end of Extremity #8, Thea, Rollo, Meshiba and a group of others from Essene had traveled to the Ancient Dark to retrieve a power source to revive Shiloh. Upon retrieving the power source, they awakened a giant beast from the lands and had to flee for their lives. Many of the group’s lives were lost, and the beast was gaining ground on the rest of the group. Things were not going well in the peaceful city of Essene either as, at the end of issue #8, Annora had finally found the city where Thea had been hiding and was ready to take her revenge on anyone inside!

Extremity #9 Cover Art by Daniel Warren Johnson

In Extremity #9, the surviving group continues to flee from the giant beast, but not everyone can make it. Annora starts to enact her revenge on the people of Essence, and the peace Thea was feeling begins to shatter. Extremity #9 is another wonderful entry into this series from Daniel Warren Johnson. Just when you think Thea has come out of her darkness, another thing happens to her. I am really interested to see how Johnson is going to end this series, as it only has three more issues to go.

Johnson has done a wonderful job throughout Extremity balancing his story with great dramatic parts that really make you feel and think about the characters, while also delivering a lot of action throughout the story. We still have some unanswered questions about Shiloh that I am very interested to find out, and I am wondering what the ultimate end of Thea is going to be? 


Daniel Warren Johnson also continues to put on a master class of sequential art storytelling in Extremity #9, as everything just flows so nicely together making it amazing to look at. The action scenes are hard-hitting and gripping, and they seem to speed up and slow down at the perfect times. The details and imagination he puts into the characters, creatures, and environments throughout Extremity are breathtaking. Johnson also nails the dramatic sequences perfectly, with great angles on scenes and wonderful facial expressions and body language throughout. There are some very gripping moments throughout Extremity #9, and Johnson makes the reader feel the emotions coming from the pages.

Mike Spicer persists in his use of beautiful color work in Extremity #9. There is a great scene of the sun glistening off of creatures and characters, while he nails the brightness of the sun contrasting with the darkness of the shadows being cast. Rus Wooton’s lettering also enhances the art and storytelling tenfold in the Extremity series. The lettering is just fantastic and brings the storytelling of Extremity full circle!


I say it every time, but I will say it again, if you only have money for one comic then buy Extremity; it is truly a story that is worth your money. The story is gripping, it is exciting and dramatic; Extremity has everything that you could possibly want out of a comic book, and it keeps getting better and better with each issue. I am running out of good things to say about this series, so just go buy it now and see for yourself!


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