Review – Iron Fist #75 (Marvel Comics)

Sabertooth Round 2, Part 3

Since issue #74 of Iron Fist, Danny Rand has been reluctantly teaming up with his old foe Sabertooth (whose first appearance was in Iron Fist #14 in 1977). You see, the book of the Iron Fist has been stolen from Danny while he was fighting in a Kung-Fu tournament on the island of Liu-Shi to get his Chi back. Well it turns out the leader of Liu-Shi, a man named Chosin, was going to use Danny Rand to get him and his people back to the city of K’un-Lun (long story short, they are from K’un-Lun); anyways, Danny’s security cameras catch a glimpse of the perpetrator stealing the book and it is none other than the supervillain known as the Constrictor, but he is supposed to be dead! This leads Danny Rand to find his old foe, former super-villain and now the not so villainous but still bad Sabertooth. Sabertooth and the Constrictor used to be friends, so he is very interested to see who is running around in his costume. Danny and Sabertooth have been tracking down the Constrictor for the past few issues, and things have come full circle in Iron Fist #75.

Iron Fist #75 - Cover Art by Jeff Dekal
Iron Fist #75 – Cover Art by Jeff Dekal

Danny and Sabertooth have found themselves surrounded. This new Constrictor was hired by Chosin to steal the book of the Iron Fist, but now he has double-crossed Chosin to get more money. In Iron Fist #75, Danny Rand and Sabertooth find themselves not only battling the Serpent Society but also Chosin and his warriors from Liu-Shu. Will Chosin finally get the book of the Iron Fist and return to K’un-Lun to take over, and who is this new Constrictor? Find all this out and more in Iron Fist #75.

I have been really loving what Ed Brisson has been doing with this Iron Fist story since issue #1 (I know this Legacy numbering makes callbacks to previous issues very confusing). He has created a very sprawling epic story that has built upon itself since the beginning, and it has been very interesting to see the different twists and turns that Brisson has taken us throughout it. I also really love the Kung-Fu epic feeling this whole series has had; with great fighting, team-ups, and double-crossings it is just a ton of fun to read!


Mike Perkins’s art continues to be a wonderful blend of a more “realistic” tone along with great “comic book” sensibility. Perkins’s panel layouts continue to be fantastic; he does some really interesting things when fists and feet start flying. Making panels and scenes at odd angles or different sizes really catches all the action, and when the big battle between everyone happens in Iron Fist #75 Perkins really starts to shine. With all the bodies going everywhere, it feels frantic and hectic, but the way Perkins lays it out the reader is never really lost in all the action. Andy Troy on colors gives the series a nice dark, gritty tone to it. The colors are very dark and muted and it gives a great vibe to the series.


Iron Fist continues to feel like a wonderful Kung-Fu movie that just keeps adding more and more layers to it. With superb writing from Brisson who knows how to take the series seriously but also knows when to keep the mood light, to some wonderful action panels from Mike Perkins, Iron Fist continues to be a fun read and great all around comic book.

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