Review – Jupiter Jet #1 (Action Lab)

Jupiter Jet #1

Fly Like an Eagle

Jacqueline “Jacky” Johnson is a sixteen-year-old girl whose parents recently passed away. Now she and her brother have inherited their father’s mechanic shop. It turns out that their father owed some not-so-good people a lot of money, and they are having trouble paying them. Luckily their father also left an experimental jetpack in the shop that Jacky uses to fly around heroically, stealing money from the rich, giving to the poor. She is quippy and confident and pulls off missions without any trouble–well, maybe not without any trouble and maybe her one-liners don’t quite hit the mark and there are some crash landings, but hey, she gets the job done! In Jupiter Jet #1 Jacky steals from the wrong person and gets an item that is going to bring a whole lot more trouble to her and her family.

Jupiter Jet #1 cover by Ben Matsuya
Jupiter Jet #1 cover by Ben Matsuya

In Jupiter Jet #1 we are dropped right into the story and left to piece things together. I won’t lie and say I was not caught a little off guard and a little confused, as we are just thrust into the world. Mainly I was trying to figure out the rules of this world and where it is set. It feels like an alternate-timeline type story set around the 1920’s-40’s, but with more of a “steampunk”/Rocketeer type vibe to everything. That is the only minor flaw in Jupiter Jet #1, but once the story gets going it just automatically sucks you in!

Jason Inman and Ashley Victoria Robinson do a fantastic job of making Jupiter Jet #1 a really fun read, with great dialogue and character interactions along with a story that is gripping, exciting and mysterious. The character of Jupiter Jet is really great; she is kind and caring but also confident and bold. The writing team does a great job with her interactions with her brother Chuck They have some fantastic scenes together. The team has some actual good jokes throughout the book and balances that well with the action scenes and overall mysterious elements of Jupiter Jet #1.  The backstory dealing with Jacky and Chuck’s parents when they were younger also helps fill in a lot of holes from the main story, and I like how with the art change-up the backstory gives off a little more “creepy” vibe.


Now I’m not the biggest fan of the more “cartoony” style used in Jupiter Jet #1, but just because I am not a fan of it does not mean I can’t appreciate it, and it is really perfect for an all-ages series like this. Ben Matsuya does a fantastic job of catching all the fun and exciting moments throughout Jupiter Jet #1. It feels like a great Saturday morning cartoon in comic book form. From the action sequences to comedic timing, Matsuya makes it all come to life in Jupiter Jet #1. There is a great sequence of Jacky running into an alley attempting to put on her jetpack and gear to fly into action, but she is stumbling and tripping all over herself. It is a great comedic scene, but then we also get a great “hero” shot of her flying away; it looks perfect. 

 Jorge Corona does the backstory about the kids’ parents and uncle and how the jetpack was created, and his more angular style really ups that “creepiness” factor I was talking about previously. The characters do not have the same Saturday-morning-cartoon feel as the main story, and they have a little bit more of a realistic feel to them that really plays well in contrast to the main story.

Mary Jayne Carpenter does the colors for the main and backstory and does exceptionally well for both. While the main story has great bright colors that really amplify all the cool and exciting things happening, Carpenter does a great job of making the backstory a little darker and moodier, while still adding in a little bit of that brightness from the main story.


Jupiter Jet is superb all-ages read from Action Lab. The creators do a wonderful job of creating an exciting story where action, comedy, and mystery abound. Jupiter Jet #1 is really just an all-around fun read and honestly just a really well done comic book. I was really surprised at how much fun I had reading this issue. It is not easy to pull off an all-ages book that is actually good, and I think the team does a great job of presenting this story, having fun with it, but also not talking down to their readers. Jupiter Jet #1 is awesome and I am very excited to see where the story goes from here!

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