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Kickstarter Hot Picks – December 16-31, 2017

Kickstarter Hot Picks – December 16-31, 2017

Kickstarter is the world’s largest crowdfunding platform for creative projects. For the first half of 2017, 24% of the money raised by successful projects on Kickstarter were from the Tabletop Games category. No doubt that Kickstarter has been a serious driving force in the content being supplied in the board gaming industry. In the latest roundup of Kickstarter Hot Picks, we kill unicorns, skirmish in space, uncover conspiracies, and roll the strongest dice ever made!

Kill the Unicorns – An Enchanted Card Game For Evil Geniuses

*Kickstarter Pick for December #2

Kill the Unicorns is a blind bidding and collection card game for 3-6 players by Morning Players. As one of the Queendom’s characters, each having a unique special power, your goal is to collect the most unicorns without accidentally capturing a smelly unicorn or the dreaded Pigacorn. Capture the most beautiful unicorns, then sell them on the gnome’s black market, while avoiding the traps from your opponents.

Kill the Unicorns
Kill the Unicorns

To catch a unicorn, a player must win a hunt for one of the four unicorns unveiled during the setup of the current turn. At the beginning of the hunt, the active player draws two secret plan cards and chooses one, placing it under the unicorn to be hunted. The player announces the number of hunt cards that will have to be played during this hunt (1 to 3 cards), placing that number of hunt cards face down in front of him. Following clockwise, the other players may also choose to hunt or pass. If they decide to hunt, they must play the exact same number of cards announced by the first player, face down in front of them. Once everyone has played or passed, the hunt cards are revealed. The player who has the highest accumulated value of hunt cards is the winner. If there is a tie between two players, the ties are canceled and the next best value wins. If all players are tied, the unicorn escapes.

The winner then reveals the scheme card associated with the unicorn hunted. The secret plan cards may be positive or negative, so the player may choose to bluff and lose the hunt to avoid the negative effect and place it on another player. After the scheme card is revealed and its effect applied, the winner captures the unicorn and places it in front of him.

Once all the unicorns are hunted, the day ends and the players can make a purchase on the gnome black market for items that will help them in future hunts. 

The game lasts 4 days/rounds. At the end of the 4th round, players count their victory points by adding the value of each unicorn card and the color collection points.

The License to Kill pledge of $20 gets one copy of Kill the Unicorns game, including all unlocked stretch goals and a Kickstarter exclusive character. A pledge of $35 gets the Legendary Edition of the Kill the Unicorns game including all unlocked stretch goals in the magnificent Legendary Box, along with a Kickstarter exclusive character and the first expansion of Kill the Unicorns.

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, December 21, 2017. The project has reached its goal and is currently 2201% funded.

Core Space

Core Space, by Battle Systems Ltd., is a deluxe fully modular 3D board game for 1 to 6 players. The game can be played as single missions or campaigns with each player in charge of a team of traders, their sole objective, to survive in a dangerous galaxy!

Core Space
Core Space

Each of your characters can be leveled up with new skills and equipment to help them in their mission, but it will not be easy. The rival teams, gangs and the Galactic Corporation will hinder your every step… but the real threat is the ever-expanding plague of synthetic life forms that are slowly purging the galaxy of all life… 

Play using our unique ‘real search’ system and advance your characters between games. It’s fast to set up, fast to play, and fully compatible with all the Battle Systems terrain products. To win you will need to follow the trader credo: salvage, trade, adapt and survive…
A pledge £45 (approx. $59 USD) includes the base game and your choice of the Cyberpunk Terrain or any combination of add-ons.

All or nothing. This project reached its goal by Saturday, December 16, 2017 and was 279% funded.


Wicked Wombats- a strategy card game full of action & fun

Wicked Wombats is a 3-6 player card game for people who are into evil action, fast-paced fun and wicked strategies.

Wicked Wombats
Wicked Wombats

Wicked Wombats is super fun and is easy to learn: Be the first to get rid of your cards. When it’s your turn, simply throw a card with matching colors or symbols onto each other (like in UNO). But winning the game is a real challenge. With any card in Wicked Wombat being an evil action card, you will have to develop your own “mean” strategy to win the race by cleverly combining cards and deciding when to play them. The more evil, the better. Since your opponents will definitely do the same thing, there are many game-changing moves included. So, you’re never safe until the last turn.

A pledge of $19  gets you the Wicked Wombats Card Game. Add $10 for +2 Expansions. Add another $10 for another +2 expansions (+4 Expansions total).

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, December 21, 2017. The project is currently 11% funded.


The Wilson Wolfe Affair

Receive a crate full of seemingly innocuous goodies, find hidden clues, solve puzzles, and unearth a worldwide conspiracy.
The Wilson Wolfe Affair is a cooperative game for one or many players by Simulacra Games. You receive a crate full of seemingly innocuous goodies  – but – after looking things over, finding hidden clues, and solving puzzles… you unveil a sinister conspiracy that covers the globe. Included in the package is the diary of a studio animator. You are convinced of a theory that there were secret messages hidden in the cartoons, toys, games, and films that the studio produced. You find yourself searching through old newspapers, reading old letters, and scouring the internet for uploads of the antique films to pick apart, as you get sucked into the most immersive mystery game you will ever play.

Simulacra Games: The Wilson Wolfe Affair
Simulacra Games: The Wilson Wolfe Affair

Each diary entry roughly corresponds to one main object in the package – and through reading the entry and examining the relevant objects you’ll see that there is a puzzle that needs to be solved. Upon finding the solution (perhaps a name, a date, an address, a lead), a little bit more of the story will be revealed to you. In this way, the game can be broken down into small stand-alone puzzles which can be tackled alone or by a group. And each puzzle solved will help you unravel the story, and solve the large overarching meta-puzzle; finding out exactly what happened.

The Silver Package pledge of £59 (approx. $79 USD) includes the base game – Work through old letters, diaries, objects and games to unravel a conspiracy around hidden messages in 1930s cartoons. This level also includes online content, and 20+ individual cases to continue the adventure.

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, December 21, 2017. The project has reached its goal and is currently 525% funded.


Tool Steel Metal Dice – The Strongest Dice Ever Made!
The Copper Kingdom

First Ever Created Tool Steel Dice – Nearly INVINCIBLE! Stronger than Titanium, Stainless or Tungsten!!! Watch other dice get CRUSHED!!

Tool Steel Metal Dice - The Strongest Dice Ever Made!
Tool Steel Metal Dice – The Strongest Dice Ever Made!

Created by The Copper Kingdom, these dice are made from an ultra-strong metal alloy, Tool Steel, a very strong, special steel that will never bend or dis-form. The dice are 16mm in size, and there are currently three designs to choose from, Traditional Pips, Dragon, and Skull designs. Each of these designs has The Copper Kingdom shield logo on the one side. You may choose from any of these three styles and if you’re getting multiple dice, you may mix and match styles.

Individual dice are packaged in small velvet bags. Pairs and sets of 5 are packaged in custom dice boxes with The Copper Kingdom logo on top.  

A pledge $39 gets a single “invincible” dice with a choice of design. There are also pledges of $69 for a pair or $99 for one of each design. A pledge of $149 gets a set of 5 dice with a choice of design for each, housed in a premium dice box that holds all 5 dice.

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, December 21, 2017. The project has reached its goal and is currently 1118% funded.


Cities of the Black Scrolls – Modular Map-Tile Sets
Black Scrolls Games

Cities of the Black Scrolls by Black Scrolls Games are highly detailed medieval fantasy Castle and City Map Tiles for 28mm tabletop RPGs like D&D, Pathfinder and other miniature games.

Cities of the Black Scrolls
Cities of the Black Scrolls

A fantasy or medieval city is not only about its tavern, it is a living community with diverse buildings and people. Living houses, shops, the blacksmith, bakery, taverns, inns, the main square and the poor neighborhood with dark and dirty alleys are all parts of a bustling and noisy city, and these richly illustrated tiles will help your gamers to feel like they are involved in an incredible adventure. These castle and city map tiles can be used to quickly shape an entire city, or the parts within, during an adventure. The set contains 60 double-sided tiles.

There are multiple pledge levels for both digital (easily printable PDF and in JPG formats) versions and high quality printed versions. The Stonemason pledge of $8 receives the digital version of the FORTRESS tiles that can be printed out at home or used with online VTT programs. The Builder pledge of $17 receives digital versions of the FORTRESS and the CASTLE tiles, and the Architect pledge of $25 receives digital versions of the CITY, FORTRESS, and CASTLE sets. The Supplier pledge of $77 receives high quality, double-sided and UV coated printed tiles – 60 CITY card-tiles, 50 FORTRESS card-tiles and 40 CASTLE card-tiles (a total of 150 tiles).

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thursday, December 21, 2017. The project has reached its goal and is currently 1455% funded.


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