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Last week on The Librarians:

Last week on The Librarians, Librarian Flynn Carsen (Noah Wyle), Guardian Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), and Jenkins (John Larroquette) go on vacation while the remaining Librarians (John Harlan Kim, Christian Kane, and Lindy Booth) try to hold down the fort. However, Ezekiel (Kim) decides to visit his mother, which leads to her theft of the magic door and a confrontation with the patron saint of thieves. In the second episode, Eve and Flynn get caught in a detective flick, and the remaining Librarians flicker through other films by the same director in an effort to rescue them.

Can The Librarians Stay The Librarians?

The Librarians S04E05 And the Bleeding Crown TNT cr Allyson Riggs
The Librarians S04E05 And the Bleeding Crown TNT cr Allyson Riggs

In the first of this week’s episodes, “And the Bleeding Crown,” time-traveled Librarian Darrington Dare expresses concern with our Library. Specifically, he’s concerned that there are four Librarians. According to him, Librarians have a tendency to war against each other. Therefore, he views all of our Librarians as expendable, sans Flynn Carsen of course. Side note: there’s a lot to be said about Dare choosing to believe that Flynn is the True Librarian, despite meeting all of the other Librarians first (what there is to be said is elitism, racism, and sexism all at once). This upsets Flynn, though not to the point where he disregards his hero entirely, and he proceeds to worry about what might happen if the Librarians stay a quartet.

The Librarians S04E06 And the Graves of Time TNT cr Allyson Riggs
The Librarians S04E06 And the Graves of Time TNT cr Allyson Riggs

In “And the Graves of Time,” Nicole Noone returns. Her reappearance heralds doubt in both the Library and in immortality, for which Eve and Flynn are planning to sign up (probably at the end of the season at this rate). Flynn and Stone (Kane) believe that Nicole is innocent of what she has been accused of, and worry about what her presumed guilt might say about what the Library is like as an institution. Cassandra (Booth) believes in Jenkins, and therefore the Library. Eve and Ezekiel are agnostic, but only Eve goes to find Nicole and try to bring her back to the Library. She is ultimately unsuccessful in convincing Nicole to stay, but Jenkins decides to save Nicole from death by giving up his own immortality as penance for his doubt. 

I don’t believe that our Librarians will war against each other. It doesn’t track with their characters, and, more importantly, it doesn’t track with the show that these writers have been building. This show is built on the belief that teams are better than working by yourself. It’s the lesson learned from the episode plot of “And the Bleeding Crown.” I find it unlikely that having a team is something that Eve, Jenkins, and the Librarians will come to regret.

At the end of “And the Graves of Time,” Flynn leaves the Library in search of something, and appears to have resigned his position as Librarian. This is doubtless due to the dual influences of Darrington Dare and Nicole Noone. Noah Wyle’s contract was only good for six episodes this season, so Flynn may actually never come back to the Library. The show was good before he was a regular on the show, and it will likely remain good, whether or not he actually comes back full time (they let him write a full episode this season; I doubt that this quick exit will be his swan song).

Next week on The Librarians, Colonel Eve Baird and her charges go to summer camp…

The Librarians airs Wednesday nights on TNT at 8pm.

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