Review – The Librarians S04E03-4

The Librarians S04E03-4

Last Week on The Librarians

Last week on The Librarians, the fourth season of the TNT fantasy show started off with a double bill. In the first episode, “And the Dark Secret,” Flynn (Noah Wyle) discovered that his first Guardian Nicole Noone (played here by Rachel Nichols, played in The Librarian: Quest for the Spear by Sonya Walger) has been locked up in the Library for 500 years. This revelation shakes Flynn to his core, especially because he and his current Guardian, Colonel Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), were planning to tether themselves to the Library for eternity. No one helps the Library defeat an evil sect of the Vatican and they escape, leaving Flynn with his doubts. In “And the Steal of Fortune,” Stone (Christian Kane) and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) discover a casino/racetrack full of unnaturally unlucky people and Cassandra (Lindy Booth) discovers the fun of combining her preternatural brain with gambling. Meanwhile, Flynn continues to angst about his upcoming tether to the Library, telling everyone that they cannot have ties outside of the Library (you can tell this was a good decision because it lasts for all of one episode).

Although The Librarians has had two episode season openers before, the episodes are themselves part of a two-parter. This compressing of six weeks of episodes into two weeks has concerned a lot of viewers, and the best thing to do will be to keep consistently watching and posting about the show. 

Ezekiel Jones and the True Meaning of Christmas

The Librarians - 403 - And The Christmas Thief
The Librarians – 403 – And The Christmas Thief

In the first of this week’s double bill, “And the Christmas Thief,” we meet Ezekiel’s family. Ezekiel Jones was evidently adopted by a thief and raised to be one in one of the least surprising character revelations in the history of genre fiction. His mother then steals the magic door, several sets of Christmas presents, and a painting from the bank of thieves…thefts that Ezekiel gets Cassandra and Stone to help him correct. Over the course of the episode, we learn that the Library chose Ezekiel because he’s been giving away his ill-gotten goods to benefit other people since he was very young, and not just on his thieving skills, as has been presupposed. 

However, that character revelation does not mean that Ezekiel is suddenly a perfect dude. Despite being secretly generous, the boy has an ego on him that you can see from space. Said ego is what kicks off this episode’s plot, and will likely continue getting Ezekiel and his colleagues in trouble for years to come. 

I have to say that, from what we’ve seen and heard of their families, having Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone cut their parents out from their lives would actually benefit them, proving that even our insufferable protagonist can be right once or twice a week.

Note: Eve Baird’s birthday is canonically Christmas Eve. My theory for why this was not brought up this episode is that Eve made the junior Librarians swear to never bring her birthday up again after season one.

Eve Baird and Not Being “Above it All”

The Librarians - 404 - And The Silver Screen
The Librarians – 404 – And The Silver Screen

In the second episode aired, “And the Silver Screen,” we learn that Eve is a massive fan of movies by a fictional auteur. Since she’s worked for the Library, Eve tries to be the most responsible adult in the room, with her only real competition on that front being the immortal Jenkins (John Larroquette). However, in this episode, her nerdy knowledge of the movie that she and Flynn get sucked into manages to help them figure out what they should be doing to get rid of it, and the only reason her initial plan does not work is due to factors outside of her control. Even though Eve got sucked into a movie on her day off, she manages to have a lot of fun, which probably won’t happen again this season (Poor Eve!). Eve may deny it, but she is also a massive nerd.

This episode doesn’t seem to reveal major plot mysteries. It was written by Noah Wyle, so it’s likely that the showrunners let Wyle have a good time playing in their sandbox of a writers room, to great effect. 

The Librarians airs on TNT at 8pm on Wednesday. Next Wednesday, 27 December 2017, another pair of episodes will air.

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