Teaser and Release Date for Jessica Jones Season 2

According to the AV Club, the second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones officially has a release date and a new teaser to pump you up! Watch the Jessica Jones season two teaser trailer below!

Season Two of Marvel’s Jessica Jones

This new teaser does not share much information about the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones. Sure, it’s clear that Jessica (Krysten Ritter) is doing some detective work. Unfortunately, it’s not clear what the central mystery is, or if there even is one. Trish (Rachael Taylor) wants Jessica to face the trauma she went through in the time period before the show, but Jessica worries that doing so may make her worse than she is. The rest of the trailer mainly consists of Jessica showing off her skills: detection-related photography, drinking alcohol, walking like a superhero, beating up people, and other superheroic shenanigans.

The first image from the upcoming season has been released as well. In this promotional image, last season’s antagonist, Kilgrave (David Tennant), looms over Jessica as she looks in a different direction. Is Kilgrave actually returning to the show, or is he just in Jessica’s head? Kilgrave doesn’t appear in the teaser and he hasn’t been cited as one of the secondary actors, so it’s likely that he’s not a huge part of this next season of Jessica Jones.We’ll have to wait until March to find out!

Jessica Jones recently appeared as one of the four eponymous characters in the Netflix series The Defenders, which was released in August of this past year. 

Catch season two of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix on March 8, 2018. Ritter and Taylor will be joined by Eka Darville returning as Malcolm and Janet McTeer as an as-yet unnamed character.

Are you excited for the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones? What other Marvel television shows strike your fancy? Talk about it in the comments!

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