Review – TMNT #77 (IDW Publishing)

Invasion of the Triceratons, Part 2 (of 5)

In the previous issue of IDW’s ongoing TMNT series, the Triceratons had come to Earth after King Zenter of the Neutrino Empire from Dimension X said the Triceratons could go back “home” to live after helping the Neutrino Empire (you can read the review for TMNT #76 here). Well, the Triceratons came in peace, initially. Unlucky for them, Agent Bishop and the E.P.F. where waiting for them and attacked without warning, and shockingly the Foot Clan under the leadership of Master Splinter showed up to help!

TMNT #77 – Cover Art by Damian Couceiro

In TMNT #77, the fallout of the last issue starts to hit the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. They had fought along the Triceratons in Dimension X, and we know they are not like this to attack without warning. With the help of Baxter Stockman and April O’Neil, they track down the Triceratons to get to the bottom of what has happened. Will the turtles be able to find a peaceful resolution or will it be all-out war; surely after what Agent Bishop has done to his sons, Master Splinter would not align with him and the E.P.F.? 

I am really digging this new story arc, and it is starting to heat up in TMNT #77. The writing team is doing a great job of starting to slowly build up this conflict between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their father, leading the foot clan and (in TMNT #77) it looks like they may be heading into a direct conflict with each other. The build-up of this story has been really great for these past two issues, it feels like a really good episodic TV show. With each issue, interesting things happen and the story has built upon what has happened in the past, and I can’t wait to see what happens in the next issue!


Damian Couceiro and Ronda Pattison continue to do some excellent work in TMNT #77. There are some excellent panels toward the beginning of the book, showing the Turtles on a rooftop, that are exceptionally well done. From the angles of the panels to the details in their mask and the dark shadowy layout, all those pages are absolutely amazing. I love one panel, in particular, that is shot from behind the turtles. It is very dark as they are spying from the rooftop but the colors of their mask just pop off the pages; it is a great single panel.

I love the way Couceiro draws the Triceratons, he makes them look very menacing and just “battle worn” and really enhances an already cool design. Everything is laid out super well from a sequential storytelling standpoint. The art in TMNT #77 really helps to build up tension and push the story along at a very dramatic pace, slowing down and speeding up accordingly based on what is going on.


TMNT #77 really starts to amp up the “Invasion of the Triceratons” storyline, as the turtles try to talk sense into the Triceratons. And it looks like their Father is forming an alliance with a sworn enemy! TMNT #77 shows why IDW’s TMNT is one of the best ongoing comics on the shelves right now. It continues to build upon this world and, while not forgetting about its past, the creators are not afraid to make some dramatic changes that affect the characters for the long-term. The Triceratons are the main focus of this story arc, but I feel like this thing with Splinter and Agent Bishop is going to get bigger in the coming issues after this storyline is finished.

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