A Series of Unfortunate Events Announces Release Date


Netflix has been on a roll with their original shows, with Jessica Jones coming out in March and a confirmed sequel to their latest movie, Bright. The latest news is quite “fortunate.” Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, which stars Neil Patrick Harris as enterprising con artist Count Olaf, was a huge success in their 2017 lineup and was renewed for a second season. According to news from sites like IGN, the season 2 release date is slated for March 30th.

Fans of the series are excited about the series continuation after such an amazing first season. To recap, the first season follows the same vein as the 2004 movie (starring Jim Carrey as Count Olaf) and continues with an interesting twist of the Baudelaire children working in a factory that employs mind control tactics carried out by count Olaf’s paramour, Georgina Orwell, played by Catherine O’Hara. The season ended with the twins enrolling in a boarding school and meeting another set of siblings who also lost their parents to a freak fire, with Count Olaf also waiting in the wings to wreak more havoc on their lives. And for some reason, we can’t look away. Sorry, Lemony Snicket.

Progression of Unfortunate Events

Since season 1 followed the stories in the first four books and part of The Austere Academy, it could be easy to assume that they will continue with book five, and possibly end between The Hostile Hospital and The Carnivorous Carnival. The series itself has enough material to go for 3 seasons at the current pacing. With the rave reviews and the stellar cast, it really just leaves us to see how the team presents the characters on screen and how well the recipe for success continues for the series. Now, if you will excuse us, we will be re-watching season 1 to prepare for the premiere.

Are you excited for the season 2 release on March 30th? Please tell us in the comments!

Credits: IGN, Legion of Leia, Fuse TV, Hype Beast

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