American Gods Faces Growing Pains

Chaos on the American Gods Set (Earlier than Scheduled):

Late last year, showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green departed their Starz show American Gods. This was due to a budget dispute with production company Freemantle Media while season two of the show was still being planned. A new showrunner has not been announced for the show.

American Gods and Cast Retainment:

Gillian Anderson in American Gods
Gillian Anderson as Media

The showrunner issues have now led to issues retaining the season one cast. Gillian Anderson has said that she will not be returning to American Gods for season two. Anderson played dragon Media in season one. Although she was an integral part of the first season, the show can go on without her. Media looked different every time we saw her. Therefore, recasting the role shouldn’t cause too many ulcers.



Kristin Chenoweth in American Gods
Kristin Chenoweth as Easter

Meanwhile, Kristin Chenoweth has said that she doesn’t know the extent to which she will be asked back to the show. Her character, Easter, appeared in the season finale with a promise of more appearances in season two. However, it’s not clear how the next showrunner will change the plan, and Easter’s role was expanded greatly from the book. Chenoweth and Anderson have both collaborated with Fuller in the past, and were both brought to the show with Fuller’s influence. Losing both showrunners has clearly derailed production to an unimaginable degree.

The troubles American Gods is having probably concern Starz a great deal. They renewed the show after only two episodes of the original season aired. It’s possible they thought they would be able to get a Game of Thrones style following for it, and are only getting casting troubles.

American Gods season two does not have a current start date.

What do you think about the changes on the American Gods set? Tell us in the comments!

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