Blizzard Cosplay Creator Mike Biasi Passes Away

Mike Biasi, the creator of the amazing Grommash Hellscream costume that took first place at BlizzCon 2016, passed away on January 8th following a stroke.

An Inspiration to Cosplayers and Blizzard Fans

Biasi’s work was widely followed from start to finish on numerous groups and web forums during the process of preparing Grommash for BlizzCon. His amazing final product can be seen here in this video from IGN.  His build was posted on the RPF forums. His step-by-step craftsmanship was exquisite and detailedan absolute work of art. For many of us watching, it was the creation of a living, breathing orc. Complete photos of all the build pieces can be found in Mike Biasi’s Facebook gallery.

Biasi’s readiness to answer questions, his detailed process updates, and his great photo coverage of his build inspired so many other cosplayers, artists, and creators. Worn by his friend, Steven Scott, Biasi’s creation won a well-deserved first place at BlizzCon 2016’s costume contestto thunderous cheering.

A Sudden Call to Battle

Several days ago, a call for kind thoughts was sent out via Twitter from Kristin, aka Sparkz, a Chromie cosplayer:

Mike Biasi Tweet Posted by @LittleSparkzLFG

According to a GoFundMe campaign posted by the family, Biasi was responsive until the last week. Then things took a turn for the unfortunate:

Monday, January 8, when Mike got home from work, he suffered a stroke. On Tuesday, Mike was responsive and could talk although his right side was affected. Unfortunately, Michael’s condition has deteriorated this past week. And since Wednesday he has been unconscious with assistance for breathing and eating. At this point, it is just day to day to see if/when he wakes up. And if he does recover it’s impossible to say what quality of life he will have.

Updated 13 hours ago, his brother broke the tragic news that Biasi had passed:

It breaks my heart to share with all of you that my brother, Michael Biasi, passed away this afternoon.
Michael was generous and passionate about everything he did. It is apparent in the love and support shared by his friends.
All funds from this campaign will go directly to Mike’s son to cover expenses.

Richard Biasi

Biasi Leaves Hole in Blizzard Community

Biasi’s amazing talent, vision, and kindness will leave an enormous hole not only in the cosplay community but in the Blizzard community at large. Players and Blizzard CM’s via Reddit are discussing an in-game memorial, as well as a possible memorial or moment of silence at BlizzCon 2017.

Please visit his family’s GoFundMe campaign if you are interested in donating. The proceeds will go to Biasi’s son to handle expenses and to the rest of the family in their time of need.

Lok’tar, friend. You were indeed the giant’s heart.

Mike Biasi Poses with BlizzCon 2016 Cosplay Costumer Winner

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