DeWanda Wise Joins Cast of Captain Marvel Movie

She’s Gotta Have It Star Joins Captain Marvel Cast

DeWanda Wise is about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The She’s Gotta Have It star has signed up for the MCU’s Captain Marvel film in an undisclosed role. The film, starring Brie Larson as the titular hero, is rapidly heading towards the start of principal photography.

This will be the first major movie role for Wise. Wise previously starred in the television series Shots Fired and Underground before her big break in the Netflix adaptation of the Spike Lee film. The film also stars Jude Law (rumored to be the original Captain Marvel) and Ben Mendelsohn (Rogue One). Samuel L. Jackson is also returning as Nick Fury. But the question still remains: who is Wise playing in the film? 

A Tale of Two (or Three) Captains?

DeWanda Wise

The rumor that seems most plausible, for now, is that Wise will be playing Monica Rambeau. It’s a name that will not be known to many fans, but it does perk up the ears of the die-hards. Monica Rambeau was the first woman to bear the mantle of Captain Marvel after the death of the original hero. Not only was this majorly important as a woman of color taking up the mantle of a white man (well… Kree), Monica would later end up leading the Avengers for a time. This was a big deal in the 1970s, and still is today, when it seems any person of color taking on a mantle is met with scorn.

Monica would change her codename from time to time. She most recently returned to the Avengers in 2013 as Spectrum. She also predated Carol Danvers, the current Captain Marvel, in the role. Danvers went by the codename Miss Marvel until 2012.

This is, of course, only theory and is not yet proven. But if Jude Law is playing the original hero, as per rumor, and Wise is playing Monica, then we will have three people who have had the mantle in one film.

Captain Marvel is set to debut March 8, 2019.

Who do you think DeWanda Wise will play in Captain Marvel? Tell us your theories in the comments!

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