Legendary Releases Second Pacific Rim: Uprising Trailer

Pacific Rim: Uprising’s Second Trailer Packs a Heavy Punch

What do you get when you marry the concepts of Transformers and Godzilla? Sprinkle in a little 1v1 combat action, and you have yourself an entertaining monsters-vs.-robots movie! Legendary Entertainment released the second official trailer for this film’s sequel yesterday. I can imagine the boardroom meeting at Legendary Entertainment. It involved one guy saying “big monster fights big robot and humans pilot the robots to victory!” The original Pacific Rim was released in 2013. I was able to get past the tired plot thanks to the big CGI battles. The robots use human pilots tethered to some kind of advanced VR function.

Pacific Rim: Uprising

The sequel is directed by Stephen DeKnight and is due out in March. New to the series is John Boyega, known for his role as Finn in the new Star Wars movies. He plays Jake Pentecost, son of Stacker Pentecost, Idris Elba’s now-deceased character in Pacific Rim. Stacker Pentecost succeeded in canceling the apocalypse. With the return of the Kaiju to our world, Jake must take up the mantle and cancel it again. Scott Eastwood joins Boyega this time around. Charlie Hunnam is notably absent from this movie to work on the upcoming A Million Little Pieces.

What to Expect from the Sequel

The most thrilling aspect of these movies is the combat between monsters and robots. I never thought I would see a robot take a cruise ship and use it as a baseball bat. These kinds of scenes are what people go to the movies for. It feels natural for the sequel to pick up a decade later with Stacker’s son leading a new rebellion against the Kaiju, but it feels lame for someone on Earth to have let the monsters back up from deep in the ocean.

I find it interesting the next six months will bring us the release of three monster movies. In March, we’ll start off with Pacific Rim: Uprising. Come April, we’ll be sitting in the theaters watching Dwayne Johnson take down a giant ape and other enraged, mutant monsters in Rampage. Finally, we revisit some dinosaurs, and Chris Pratt will save the world in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. I almost forgot to mention another iteration of Godzilla is now on Netflix. How many times can we see Godzilla on screen?

Like in the glory days of cinema when King Kong dominated the screen, people still pay big bucks to watch utter destruction on screen at the hands of (insert giant creature/robot here) and these films allow us the opportunity to shut our brains off at the door for two hours at a time. Five Transformers movies have been released in the last decade, and this just goes to show this genre of film is still going strong. If Pacific Rim: Uprising is a terrible film, the action sequences still look amazing and we’ll remember this for the CGI.

Overall, it is intriguing to see how the sequel does when it comes out in March. Regardless of how much money the film makes, monster movies are a mainstay at the theater. In a world where monsters and superheroes slay at the box office, these films are here to stay. Pacific Rim: Uprising comes out on March 23, 2018.

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