Review – The Librarians S04E07: And the Disenchanted Forest

The Librarians Contend With Division

Last week on The Librarians, TNT aired two episodes. In the first, time-traveled Librarian Darrington Dare warned Flynn (Noah Wyle) that multiple Librarians might lead to an internal schism. Meanwhile, Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn) and the other Librarians were kidnapped to serve the episode plot. In the second episode, Nicole Noone returned. Her reappearance caused Jenkins (John Larroquette) to repent his earlier treatment of her and give her his immortality. At the end of the episode, Flynn left the Library, maybe permanently. Welp. 

The Librarians Reconnect at “Summer Camp”

The Librarians S04E07 - And the Disenchanted Forest (2)
The Librarians S04E07 – And the Disenchanted Forest (2)

In this episode, Eve decides that she and her old team need to reconnect.  They were a cohesive team without Flynn, and they can be one again. She manages to kill two birds with one stone, following a clippings-book clue to a team-building camp. Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) hates this plan, and Stone (Christian Kane) just seems worried about Eve. Meanwhile, Cassandra (Lindy Booth) loves the idea of going to “summer camp,” but that’s because she hasn’t experienced “real life”. This thread is clearly going to continue into next week, but I think this accusation (by the show) is unfair. Her lack of real-world experience is why she was recruited as part of a team. They all need each other to make the Library function as is. That’s clearly going to be the moral of this season: teamwork makes the dream work.

Eve also reconnects with DOSA, who has also sent a team to investigate the camp. It’s hilarious to remember that DOSA loves Eve, even if she’s not crazy about them. They’re a military organization which investigates magic. She’s a Colonel who investigates magic. DOSA would love to have her on their payroll. However, Eve has chosen where she wants to be, and that place is the Library.

Eve and the Librarians

The Librarians S04E07 - And the Disenchanted Forest
The Librarians S04E07 – And the Disenchanted Forest

However, as Stone deduces, despite Eve’s protestations, the team (for the most part) is fine; it’s Eve that isn’t. Eve tries to be the lighthouse that the Librarians can use to find their ways home; Flynn keeps turning his boat back into stormy seas, without so much as a semaphore flag. Being left, having your help denied, it does stuff to a person. I’m glad that Eve’s Librarians (the ones that stayed) realize that Eve needs to be needed, and wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

I liked this episode. When Flynn Carsen is around, he seems to take up all of the metaphorical air. For the last two episodes, the junior Librarians were primarily in the background. This has never been the Flynn show, and I’m glad he’s gone. For those of you who miss him, I’m taking the permanence of his departure with about 10 grains of salt. In this episode, we got important character beats from all four of our main characters. That should not feel like something lacking, and yet The Librarians has been missing this for most of the season.

Next week on The Librarians, Cassandra goes on vacation. Now, what did we learn about vacations earlier this season?

The Librarians airs on TNT at 8 pm on Wednesday nights.

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