Should Lindsay Lohan Portray Batgirl?

Lindsay Lohan, Meet Barbara Gordon

A few days ago, Lindsay Lohan sent out a tweet directed to Joss Whedon. It was a simple tweet, “RT if I should star in the new BATGIRL movie and everyone tell”. This set off a small flurry online about the possibility. It should be noted that at one point, there was rumor she could be in Man of Steel back in 2011. I’m pretty sure at one point I heard speculation of her starring as Poison Ivy in a Nolan Batman. Essentially, if you need a female redhead in the DC Universe, Lindsay’s name will inevitably pop up.  Now, though, Lindsay Lohan, who is best known for Disney Channel fare and real-life antics, wants to play Barbara Gordon. I’m not sure exactly how I feel about this, so I sat down and made a small pro and con list.

Why She Shouldn’t Play Batgirl

Lindsay Lohan cr Getty Images Mike Marsland
Lindsay Lohan cr Getty Images Mike Marsland

Let’s look at the obvious: first of all, she’s Lindsay Lohan. She’s lived a very public life of excess and partying. With well-publicized bouts of alcoholism and drug abuse, will studios want her for a high-profile film like this? If she were able to get studios to look at her, would they even be able to insure her? Robert Downey Jr. was famously outcast in the early aughts due to the high cost of insuring him. He was untouchable until Mel Gibson took a chance and paid his insurance bond for a film they did together. The same could happen to her.

Next, even if she is still a good actress, can she shake her public persona? Not just the party-girl image, but also being the queen of Disney during the early to mid-aughts. She tried to shed that image with movies like Mean Girls and I Know Who Killed Me. Besides Mean Girls, it seems as though people recall her films Freaky FridayParent Trap, and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen more than any other film she has done. Depending on the direction they take Barbara, this could be a boon or a hindrance. 

Lastly, let’s all admit that better actresses spring to mind when thinking about Batgirl. I think Katherine Langford (13 Reasons Why) would be a great choice. An even better choice, in my opinion, would be Hailee Steinfeld. Her portrayal of Emily in the Pitch Perfect series shows she can do fun and bubbly. Her roles in True Grit and The Edge of Seventeen prove she can play a darker, more nuanced version of the character. The point is, we can all think of actresses more suited to fit what we believe the role to be.

Why She Should Play Batgirl

Barbara Gordon Oracle
Barbara Gordon Oracle

One, she is a natural redhead. You might think that is superficial, but it matters. Just look at K.J. Apa, who plays Archie Andrews in Riverdale. His hair is such an obvious dye-job that it is incredibly distracting. It almost kept me from watching the show because of how obnoxious it is. This is a definite tick in the pro column for Lindsay.

Confession time: I have never actually watched a Lindsay Lohan film. I looked through her IMDb and I haven’t watched anything. My only frame of reference is her appearance on Saturday Night Live. I did want to point out, though, that I remember people saying she was a great actress, and they loved her in her early films. With this being said, I have heard her choice in roles went downhill dramatically after public perception of her began to dwindle. If she could tap back into what made people love her, then she could definitely tackle Batgirl.

The last thing to remember is, everyone laughed at Michael Keaton when it was announced he would be Batman. “Mr. Mom is gonna be Batman?! This is going to suck!” Hardly anyone agreed with that decision, and just assumed Tim Burton was going to make a campy ’66 Batman movie. Michael Keaton was a comedic actor, and he was short! There was no way he could be Batman. And this announcement came just a year or so after the release of The Dark Knight Returns, the playbook on dark and gritty Batman. The people were angry. We all know what happened after, though. Who’s to say Lindsay can’t pull off the same thing?

Why Not?

In the end, why not let Lindsay Lohan have a shot at the role? Obviously, it couldn’t just be handed to her. There would have to be an audition. If she doesn’t get it, she doesn’t get it; but what if she did? It could be worse. I mean, Alicia Silverstone played her in the ’90s, so why not Lindsay Lohan?

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