Metropolis Series In Development

Metropolis Series Greenlit By DC Entertainment

Metropolis Comic Art-cr. DC Entertainment
Metropolis Comic Art-cr. DC Entertainment

On Tuesday, DC Entertainment announced a new Metropolis television series. This series, set in the DC Universe, will be about adventures in Metropolis before Superman arrived. Don’t expect a capeless Clark Kent to be the star, though. This series will focus on Lois Lane and Lex Luthor as they investigate strange happenings in the city. In fact, they’re working together, at least for now. Questions abound for this series, such as what brings together the Daily Planet‘s best reporter and “the greatest criminal mastermind of our time.” 

It also brings parallels to Gotham, which has had a mixed reaction from Batman fans despite being popular. It isn’t that much of a stretch, given two of the producers of Gotham are also producing Metropolis. Not to mention the DC press release has Lois and Lex trying to “investigate the world of fringe science and expose the city’s dark and bizarre secrets.”

Adventures In Metropolis: The Big Apricot

However, DC seems to be going in a different direction for this series than they did for Gotham:

All that said, while the basic setup may be similar, fans know that there’s a world of difference between the cities of Metropolis and Gotham, suggesting that Metropolis will likely have a considerably different tone than Gotham. Superman’s villains are also more powerful, cosmic and rooted in science fiction than Batman’s, so one can only imagine there will be much less emphasis on street level gangsters and crime families in this forward-thinking city.

What this could be is an X-Files type show, involving strange tech (STAR Labs) and infamous gangs (Intergang). Even minor villains could make appearances, saving the big guns for when Big Blue shows up. It would also be a good contrast to the space opera on fellow Superman prequel Krypton.

Speaking of the Man of Tomorrow, who is to say that Clark Kent won’t appear? After all, in some versions, he did spend some time as Clark Kent, reporter, before donning the cape….

Metropolis is set to premiere and exclusively air on DC’s digital platform in 2019.

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