Review – Grass Kings #11 (BOOM! Studios)

A Killer in the Kingdom in Grass Kings #11

At the end of Grass Kings #10, Maria and Shelly confronted Archie about his relationship with Jen. He was a married man with children, so what was he doing talking so intimately with her? And where was she the night she died? These questions and more arise in Grass Kings #11. Robert and Bruce continue to scramble as the case of Jen’s suicide does not add up. Are they harvesting a killer in the Grass Kingdom? Sherriff Humbert thinks so. If it gets his wife Maria back to him and closes down the Kingdom for good, he will stop at nothing to solve the case!

Grass Kings #11 Cover by Tyler Jenkins

If I only had one word to describe Grass Kings #11, it would be intense. This is absolutely a page-turner of a story that had me fixated the whole time. Matt Kindt has done an incredible job with this series. He has built up these characters and this world tremendously through the past eleven issues. I never expected Grass Kings to turn into what it has, but it is fantastic. This mystery story just grabs your attention and holds onto it and these characters are just fascinating to spend time with.

Kindt is a wonderful writer who has really brought this story to another level. The care and understanding he gives to each character pulsates directly off the pages. As a reader, you can feel how much thought and attention he has put into the plot and story. This is a series that has really grown on me with each issue and now is a must-read every month.


Tyler Jenkins’ art is another aspect of Grass Kings that has slowly grown on me with each issue. At first, I was not the biggest fan of the more loose lines and the off-body proportions. Now, I am not sure how the story would feel without his art. He really encapsulates these characters and brings them to life. He also brings a level of detail to the characters that are surprising. At first glance, there seems to be not much detail at all until you really look at the images. Jenkins has great facial expressions and adds little touches to the characters to bring them to life.

The watercolor-type styling of Hilary Jenkins makes Grass Kings instantly recognizable. It continues to give this almost dreamlike feel to the series. It is one of those things that seemed a little odd at first, but now I cannot imagine the book without that coloring style to it.


Grass Kings has slowly become one of my favorite comic book series. It has this story that is completely gripping and will have you thinking about it long after you put it down. The writing, the artit is all fantastic and has built something special. I am not sure what happens after Grass Kings #11 as at the end it says “End Part Two,” but you bet I will be picking up the next issue!

Do you love Grass Kings as much as I do? Tell me how you feel in the comments!

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