Review – Mech Cadet Yu #5 (BOOM! Studios)

The Cadets Are Grounded in Mech Cadet Yu #5

Previously in Mech Cadet Yu, the Cadets won their very first battle against the Sharg. Yu and the other Cadets fought valiantly and saved thousands of people in the process. The first battle was won, but the celebration does not last long. In Mech Cadet Yu #5, the kids are “grounded” for their actions, they did good but disobeyed direct orders. Now, they must learn there are consequences for their actions. The sadness does not last long as Captain Tanka has some secret training to deliver! The Sharg have been momentarily stopped but, in Mech Cadet Yu #5, they attack in a way never seen before!

Mech Cadet Yu #5 - Cover Art by Takeshi Miyazawa
Mech Cadet Yu #5 – Cover Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

Mech Cadet Yu #5 is the continuation of a fantastic all-ages series from BOOM! Studios. Originally slated as a four issue mini-series, Mech Cadet Yu caught fire with readers. As a result of the positive response, it was upgraded to an ongoing series. Personally, I was very interested to see where Pak was going to take this story after the initial four issues. He left issue #4 with a very “open” ending and he really starts to set new things in motion with issue #5.

Francis Yu continues to be a wonderful character and a delight to read. His optimism is catchy and his spirit bursts off the pages. The other characters of this series are beginning to take shape as well. I am hoping Pak starts to flesh out some of the “background” characters now. The mystery is also digging a little deeper. Pak raises some questions about Captain Tanaka “Skip” with what his true origin is and about the workings of the man-made mech. All this has continued to make Mech Cadet Yu a fantastic read each month.


In Mech Cadet Yu #5, I was reminded how much I love these classic mech designs. Takeshi Miyazawa continues to do a fantastic job of having these mechs look different and “new” while still just having a nostalgic feel to them. They are simple, yet complex, and it feels like the perfect combination of the two. Miyazawa illustrates them brilliantly as they come to life off the pages. Miyazawa also does a fantastic job with the human characters. His cartooning and facial expressions are spot-on. I won’t spoil anything, but there is a perfect page during the Cadets’ secret training with Captain Tanaka that is wonderfully done.

Triona Farrell also continues to do an exceptional job on colors. Farrell colors a beautiful sunset scene in Mech Cadet Yu #5. The orange hue lights up the background, and the color changes throughout the scenery are beautiful. The rustic beat up look of the mechs is also a nice touch, with the more faded colors and scratches. Those little details bring the series to another level.


Mech Cadet Yu is an absolute blast to read. Fun, adventure and excitement, this series has it all. I cannot imagine anybody young or old not enjoying this series. Pak just knocks the story out of the park, while Takeshi Miyazawa and Triona Farrell make for an exceptional art team. The cadets are grounded in Mech Cadet Yu #5, but that does not mean they are out of the fight!

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