Review – TMNT #78 (IDW Publishing)

The Final Battle Looms in TMNT #78

TMNT #78 is part 3 of 5 in the “Invasion of the Triceratons” storyline that has been going on. The Turtles finally met up with the Triceratons in issue #77. The Turtles thought they could talk to them and stop all the fighting, however they were wrong. The Triceratons did not take kindly to being attacked by the E.P.F. and the Foot Clan. Now they are here to stay no matter what. While the battle continues to wage around New York City, the Turtles try to talk sense to their father, while Casey Jones and the Purple Dragons go toe to toe with the dinosaurs. All the while, Agent Bishop uses this catastrophe to gain more power and influence for the E.P.F.

TMNT #78 - Cover Art by Damian Couceiro
TMNT #78 – Cover Art by Damian Couceiro

TMNT #78 was a great midway issue in this storyline. It is directly the midpoint of this storyline, and it serves its purpose perfectly. It continues the ongoing struggle of the Turtles trying to find a peaceful solution while angling the story towards its endpoints. I like that the Turtles are the ones seeking peace along with the conflict that arises with their father teaming up with the E.P.F. It makes for a great story angle in this storyline and sets up future conflicts for the series.

A character also makes a huge return in this issue, and I am not really sure how I feel about it. Not going to spoil anything, but I will definitely be talking about it when the next issue comes around! The plot thickens with each issue, and you can feel how this whole storyline is going to affect the TMNT Universe for a long time to come.


Damian Couceiro does some superb work on TMNT #78. Couceiro adds excellent background details that bring the scenes to life. I love the little details he puts into characters like scars on the Triceratons faces or scratches and dents in Casey Johns hockey mask. There is a great close-up scene of Jones sliding his mask on that is wonderfully done, and Couceiro gets great expressions out of the eyes of Casey. 

Ronda Pattison continues to just be a delight on colors. The way she gives the Turtles different green tints is fantastic. It is not super noticeable at first, except for Mikey; he is obviously a little brighter than the rest. She gives each of the other turtles a subtle color change that looks great on the pages.  It is wonderful to see how she pairs up with the rotating artist on this series. She always brings something new, but at the same time keeps everything consistent as it can be.


Overall, this has been a good storyline that has brought the Turtles in new directions. They are the peacekeepers and are now in direct conflict with their father and how he leads the foot clan.  I think I am enjoying more of what it is setting up than the actual storyline. That is not to say the storyline is not good or enjoyable, it is; I just like the implications of what is to come afterward as well. Turtle fans will be excited about the developments in TMNT #78 and there is no real reason not to pick up this issue.

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