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Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets of 2017

Top 10 Best Gaming Headsets on the Market

10. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum $135

Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum Gaming Headset
Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

Logitech’s G933 Artemis Spectrum headset is the perfect way to experience the quality of more expensive gaming headphones at a cheaper price. The best thing about these cans is that you don’t have to get your feet too wet. One of the greatest thing about these bad boys are the macros available on the headset themselves. This allows for quick rotations between different levels of sounds perfect for differing situations. Most people newer to the gaming headset market won’t ever use these, though. But that’s okay since they don’t get in the way too much of the more trivial tasks such as changing volume and muting.

This gaming headset feels amazing and isn’t too tight on the head. Actually, they are a bit loose for me. The way the padding is on the top reminds me of brands like Astro and don’t hurt after hours of play. The build is flexible and durable but a few good crushing-under-the-feet-nights will definitely cause you problems. The mic isn’t the greatest in my opinion, especially for a pricey pair of headphones. But Logitech has always proven to be a honest brand and the Spectrum lives up to that stigma well.

9. Razer Kraken Pro V2 $70

Krakens have been a legend in the gaming headset market and Razor’s Kraken Pro V2 headset takes this line to the next level. The first thing I need to comment on is the ear cuffs. These things are huge, and comfortable. I am one for the larger ear cuffs because any part of the ear trapped under the padding of the cuff will hurt after a few hours. You aren’t going to get that here.

The mic on the Kraken Pro V2 is great, dare I even say better than the Logitech Spectrum. The bass is deep, though can be a little overwhelming sometimes. I love it for the big cinematic cutscenes, but it can get annoying during regular competitive gameplay. Without sophisticated knobs and switches to change this, the bass will follow the volume.

For the value, this is a headset you can wear for hours, beat up, and still feel great using them a year down the road. There is a pricier model of the Kraken that offers 7.1 surround. If you are just wanting a good, reliable headset that will do its job, it just isn’t worth the extra money.

8. Corsair Void Pro RGB $100

Corsair Void Pro RGB Gaming Headset
Corsair Void Pro RGB

A group of my friends swear by the Corsair Void Pro RGB headset. After my own session of testing, I can see why. Corsair has developed a headset that stays just below the price of more expensive entries, while retaining quality. The ear cuffs are shaped in a way that hugs the ears well, but was a bit too tight on me after wearing them for a while.

Having a wireless mic has its benefits and usually if you want wireless 7.1 you have to pay quite a bit more. There are two ways to mute the mic: by pressing a button and by flipping up the flexible microphone arm. There are five EQ profiles you can switch between. Again, this gives you the option to set the microphone for certain situations, then switch between them by just holding a button.

A big downfall with these is the battery life. My friends and I have had these die on us during quite a few games now. That can be quite frustrating, but I feel a weaker battery is just one of the sacrifices Corsair made to offer these headphones at this price point. Other than that, for the feel, the looks, and the functionality, they are hard to beat.

7. Plantronics Rig 800HS $150

Rig has always been the true consumer’s headset provider to me. Sorry Senn fans, but they really try to provide the most comfort, durability, and quality possible while trying to keep the price point down. The Plantronics Rig 800HS headset has a supreme build quality with the inclusion of stitched leather. The headband keeps the headset from truly resting on your head. Instead, they are kind of suspended over your ears, and I love it. These cans aren’t going to fatigue you at all during long play sessions.

Plus, the microphone is phenomenal for the price. In serious games I am able to yell and shout ‘callouts’ to my team without the usual fuzziness of other microphones. Adjusting the sound really won’t be necessary on this pair. Everything is already so clear, and the bass is perfect. Also, the click-in adjustment that Rig offers is perfect for gamers who don’t want to have to worry about it between games. The only reason they are lower on this list is because they lack advanced adjustment. There are EQ settings, but not advanced settings you would generally see at the price point.

6. Astro A10 $60

Astro A10 Gaming Headset
Astro A10

The Astro A10 headset is so high on this list because of the quality to price point ratio. You can pick up a pair of these for virtually nothing and end up with greatness. The design focuses on usability over sleekness. The build is so flippin’ durable you don’t have to worry about a few drops or crushes here and there. The sound quality is excellent without having to worry about setting EQs. I mean, the list goes on and on. Owning a pair of these headsets makes the introduction into competitive gaming that much more welcoming.

One of the best selling points of the A10 is that once you try it, you will only want more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, either. There are more expensive headsets that can be overwhelming, brittle, or confusing. This headset is just so darn comfy and simple, you’ll be all right with trying something new. I mean, if headsets can be this good, what could a bit more money get you?

5. HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro $100

This headset is just something else. The build of the HyperX Cloud Alpha Pro headset reminds me of and old pair of SteelSeries headphones that I loved. The build quality here is something that will be here long before you are gone. With a metal frame, you won’t have to worry about breaking them from falls or crushes.

The detachable boom microphone is godly for the price point, and the controls are simple enough for introductory gamers. The cables are thick and braided, and just as reliable as the headphones themselves. They can be plugged into any medium, PC, mobile phone, you name it. It is as simple as the A10 headset, but offers just a tad bit more on the back end. Better handling of higher frequencies, and other minimal advantages such as that. It’s these advantages that rank this headset higher on this list.

4. SteelSeries Arctis 3 $75

SteelSeries Arctis 3 Gaming Headset
SteelSeries Arctis 3

I have always been a hardcore SteelSeries fan and not because of their marketing gimmicks. I’m a fan because every time I purchase a SteelSeries product, it meets all of my expectations. The SteelSeries Arctis 3 headset is more than enough for a casual gamer. This headset doesn’t offer the bells and whistles of more expensive entries, but everything else is there. The ear cuffs are deep and comfy, and the band floats them nicely. Plus, the bands are interchangeable if you’re seeking to personalize your headphones. The cuffs also rotate, which is a nice little addition at this price point. Not to mention, the microphone picks up very little background noise for a $75 headset.

Overall, the Arctic 3 offers that small step up in quality from cheaper entries. Did I mention you get software like the Void Pro RGB to change around your sound preferences? What a great deal! Oh and, don’t step on these or you will be sorry.

3. Sennheiser GAME ONE $160

At this price, know you’re going to get what you want with the Sennheiser GAME ONE headset: EQ customization, high frequency detection, battery life, etc. It will all be here. What wins big is the personalizatio, and the build quality. We all know Sennheiser by no, and they don’t mess around with headphones. This gaming headset has it all, but only misses a higher spot on this list due to build quality in my book. Boy do they sound great, but boy, did my ears hurt after a few hours of wear. The cuffs didn’t seem to deep enough for me.

The quality of sound is what earns them this rank. All in all, these offer some of the best sound I have ever gotten from a pair of gaming headphones. They are also stylish and noticeable. That’s good for me, because I wore them around to just listen to music while I ran errands. No, you can’t remove the boom mic, but screw it, they are Sennheisers, dude. A large dial for volume control was a welcome addition in this high price. Generally, you won’t find such an ease of access between all the features of mics in this price range. Some deeper cuffs, and these could have very well been number one on sound quality alone. However, durability, sound, and style lands it in the top three on this list.

2. Turtle Beach Elite 800 $250

Turtle Beach Elite 800 Gaming Headset
Turtle Beach Elite 800

You either love Turtle Beach or you hate them. It always seems like there is such a huge gap in quality between their low cost and expensive headsets. But if you don’t like the Turtle Beach Elite 800 headset, you’re drunk, go home. They are absolutely amazing. They are durable, comfortable, and powerful. These bad boys can do it all, and the cuffs are as soft as clouds. The charging dock they come with makes worrying about a dead battery a thing of the past. EQ adjustments can set the sound level exactly where you want it. Sensitivity to a huge frequency range gives this headset huge points as well. The microphone is something you could record a podcast with. It cancels out virtually all other sound except your voice. You also don’t sound like you’re talking through a walkie talkie.

Now, the Elite 800 does fall short in ease of access for a higher-priced headset. That fallback only pushes it to number two on this list, though. For anyone wondering why we see the TBE 800 here and not the SteelSeries H800, it’s that access thing. The Beaches are more likely to be staring at you from the isle of a brick and mortar store.  If you need great gaming headphones now, you can more easily just go get em’.

1. Astro A50 $300

Sweet mama, are these great! Astro knew what the competition was like before they made the A50 gaming headset. In the lab, they must have taken all the best things from the competition into consideration. The Astro A50 headset is something like a Frankenstein of the best qualities: charging station, EQ control, comfort, build quality, and style. Don’t forget nuance ideas like automated power down when placed horizontally on a surface. This is a headset made for the professional gamer.

The charging dock takes that extra step, showing battery life which can be lifesaving if you are looking for a quick charge. The ear cuffs are thick and cozy. Overall, you could probably wear this headset while skiing and it would keep your ears nice and warm. And if you don’t like the cloth, change it! Astro offers leather ear cuffs on the website. They are magnetized, so don’t worry about annoying peeling to change them. A50 places above the TBE 800s simply because of this exact personalization. They win a place in my heart for taking such a great headset as the A10 and adding so much bling without the ‘bleh.’

If you want what games have been asking for in a high price, high quality headset, look no further. The A50 has got you covered. Pop into your local game store and ask to try a pair. Then ask yourself why you don’t own them.

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  • I do have to say, I’m genuinely impressed with the review. It does show that there was quite a significant thought , consideration, and research done with these. Through my own experience with multiple gaming headsets i have to say this list is quite accurate to my views of both positive and negative sides to what they can offer. Very well written, hope to see more content from you Michael!