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About Red Chaos Cosplay

My name is Joanna aka Red Chaos Cosplay, and I live in Poland. I teach music in school as my day job and I have a lot of musical hobbies. I travel a lot, mostly because I have friends all over the country.


Red Chaos Cosplay
Flemeth – photo by Made by Dobrochna

How did you first get into cosplay?

I saw cosplayers on conventions and I just thought “Hey, why not try this? It looks amazing” – and here I am.

Do you cosplay just for fun or do you see it as a stepping stone to a future career?

I cosplay just for fun. I love making things, I love seeing progress and my skills improving. Sometimes it’s all that I need.

Do you prefer to make your cosplays from scratch, buy or commission them or a hybrid?

I make cosplays from scratch, though I don’t think that buying them is something bad. Eventually, all the fun is in becoming someone else, no matter what way you do it. I like all the work that I can put into making things, seeing progress and squares of foam turning into armor.

How much time do you spend making each of your cosplays?

It’s hard to make cosplays quickly when you have a full-time job, but it usually takes me something about half a year to fully finish an outfit.

What is your favorite cosplay you done so far?

I’m most proud of my Flemeth, it’s the first armor I made, and the rest of it was really challenging as well. But Priscilla is like my second skin – since I’m a musician in real life, I could cosplay her till the end of times.

What has been your most memorable experience (good or bad) as a cosplayer?

My most memorable experience was definitely the first time I entered a cosplay competition. I had the possibility to perform Wolven Storm in front of thousands of people and all the kind words I heard afterward were the most rewarding thing ever. It’s amazing when people like what you do and what you make. It makes it really worth the time and money.

How do you feel about group cosplays?

In my opinion group cosplays are amazing, I myself had an opportunity to be a part of big Witcher photoshoot. I met a lot of amazing, talented and inspiring people back there. It’s great when you find people who share your love for the fandom.

What cosplays are you currently working on or plan to finish this year?

I’m working on Adepta Sororitas from Warhammer 40k universe. I hope to finish it before April.

What issues do you see being the most divisive in the cosplay community and how do you feel about it?

I don’t like that these days your face has to look just like the face of the person you cosplay and that no matter how much work you put into your outfit, there are people who still will criticize it, just because your face has a slightly different shape. It’s supposed to be fun, not hate and complaining.

What types of characters or genres inspire your cosplay the most?

I love big fantasy and sci-fi armors. Everything that’s epic 🙂

What is your favorite part (researching, shopping for supplies, sewing, photo shoots, attending cons, etc.) of your cosplay process?

Conventions are definitely my favorite part of cosplaying. You can meet so many great people, hear some kind words about your work, find your new inspirations. Cons give me more energy than tons of morning coffee.

What are your best resources for cosplay materials?

I buy crafting supplies on the internet, or in the local thrift shops. It minimizes the costs. My friends are cosplayers so they help me with finding ways to cut costs.

What has been the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome as a cosplayer? 

My biggest obstacle is my laziness 🙂

Have you learned any life lessons during your time as a cosplayer and what are they?  

Cosplay has taught me that no matter what people do, you should appreciate the work they put into their hobby. Cosplay is not about jealousy, it’s about having fun.

What is your golden cosplay rule that you would share with new cosplayers?

Don’t touch the hot glue – it’s called “hot” for a reason xD But seriously, watch the best, find yourself a great inspiration and it will help you if you ever feel stuck with your work.

How do you feel the cosplay community has changed over time?

I think it became bigger and more demanding. But that’s a good thing.

If money and time were not a factor, what is your number one over-ambitious cosplay you want to do?

My dream cosplay is Kerrigan and any of the big Blizzard armors. And something with huge wings.

Do you set a budget for each cosplay?

No, I don’t set a budget, though I try to buy cheap crafting materials. But when I start a cosplay, I have no idea how much will it cost me. Should I think about it before I make big cosplay plans? Probably, though I’m not great at that.

What does cosplay mean to you?

Thanks to cosplay I have met a lot of amazing friends. I love crafting, too, it’s the best thing to calm down after a stressful day.

Is there anything that would make you stop cosplaying?

I don’t think so, though I don’t know what will happen in the next years. I hope I won’t have to give cosplaying up.

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Photographer Credits

  • Yumikasa Photography
  • Made by Dobrochna
  • Okiem Pryzmatu

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