Review – Daredevil #598 (Marvel Comics)

Muse is on the Loose in Daredevil #598

At the end of Daredevil #597, the serial killer villain The Muse escapes. Somehow, he is able to escape from his Inhuman jail cell. Something strange is going on with the Muse in Daredevil #598. He is painting portraits of New York superheroes all across buildings and landmarks. It looks like he is fighting back against Mayor Fisk’s cry to denounce all superheroes as criminals. Matt Murdock is not waiting to find out what he is up to. He knows personally how dangerous The Muse is and what he is capable of doing. Matt is going to have to think fast as Mayor Fisk is starting to pad his cabinet with some of New York’s finest criminals.


Daredevil #598 Cover by Dan Mora
Daredevil #598 Cover by Dan Mora

I have been liking this “Mayor Fisk” story arc Charles Soule has started. It makes for some interesting dynamics between Fisk and Murdock and some nice story points. Daredevil #598 fills like a filler issue though, not much really happens. We get some information. While the story is pushed on a little, it still feels like we are in the same place from the previous issue. Certain things are presented in this issue that needed to be told for the story; it just feels like those were spread out to fill a whole issue.

I also do wish the Marvel Universe had a little more connectivity. I cannot really go into detail without spoiling Daredevil #598, but if you read The Defenders last week and then read this issue you will know exactly what I am talking about. Certain characters show up that do not quite match up with what is happening in that series. That may be a little nit-picky. For the overall good of the story, it is okay but I wish there was an editor note or something.


Ron Garney is back on art duties for Daredevil #598. The bold lines and “rougher” style intensifies the story, and it helps grab the readers attention. Garney adds a lot of lines and shading into his characters that give them an almost textured look to them. It is not a very “clean” style as the lines are not very tight and very dark, but he gets in a ton of detail. I do love all the background detail Garney puts into his work. I love the city landscapes in the backgrounds of scenes, they are wonderfully detailed. Garney also does a terrific job of giving his characters a “heft” or “weight to them that comes off the page.

Matt Milla does a good job of matching Garney’s “grittier” style. Daredevil #598 has an overall darker color palette than the other issues. It gives the issue a little more grounded feel to it and matches Garney’s lines perfectly.


Overall, I have been liking the Mayor Fisk storyline that has been going on and is leading up to issue 600. Daredevil #598 just feels a little bit too much like a filler issue though. Things happen, but the story does not get pushed forward too much. It is nice to have Ron Garney back on art to give the series a little darker tone that feels needed for the storyline. Daredevil #598 is not a bad issue; it just feels like a placeholder for bigger things to come.

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