Review – Lucifer S03E14: My Brother’s Keeper

Lucifer Explores the Different Kinds of Sibling Relationships

Now that was an episode to be proud of! This week’s episode of Lucifer reminded us why we love it so much. The episode had every single member of their very large cast in it, and yet they all got a chance to shine. It seems like the show is getting back to that season 2 quality, and I could not be happier. The episode, My Brother’s Keeper”, was written by Jason Ning and showrunner Joe Henderson. It is an episode that played to the show’s strengths, and it showed.

The Unlikeliest of Duos

Lucifer S03E14 FOX Aimee Garcia (Ella)
Aimee Garcia as Ella Lopez

This episode of Lucifer was centered on Ella Lopez and her family situation. Her eldest brother Jay stands accused of murder and so she recruits Maze to help find him. We are treated to an absolutely adorable scene with Trixie and Ella including matching t-shirts, knives and a fake accent. Maze seems to be attacking dummies made to look like Linda and Amenadiel and teaching Trixie little tricks. She agrees to help Ella once Ella offers to pay.

Their interactions throughout the episode are golden as Ella keeps trying to find ways to bond with Maze. Maze has clearly subscribed to the Ron Swanson school of “call someone a different name so they don’t think you care about them” but we know that, like Ron, she actually does care. Lesley-Ann Brandt and Aimee Garcia are hilarious together as you could not find a more different pair, but it works for them. Every time the writers give Garcia more to do her talent blows me away.

There’s her sheer determination that her brother is innocent. Then we see her demeanor completely fall when she realizes that might not be the case. Either way, Garcia deserves the world for her performance, as does Ella Lopez. She might not have the best relationships with her siblings but it’s clear she’s got a new family in Chloe, Lucifer, Dan, and yes, Maze. I mean, after all, Maze doesn’t throw knives at people for just anyone.

Definitely Not Cheap

Here we saw a return to the Deckerstar dynamic that has long been called the heart of the show. Not to mention a reappearance of the real Chloe Decker, which is always delightful. Their little undercover scene made us forget the bad taste last week’s episode left in our mouths. Our favorite duo was finally back on that fine line between bickering and flirting. Lucifer is mad at Amenadiel, which we’ll get to later, so he thinks Ella’s brother is up to no good. Chloe trusts Ella’s judgment, so she wants to find an alternative theory. This leads us to the hilarious scene in the jewelry store.

Lucifer S03E14 FOX Lauren German (Chloe)
Lauren German as Chloe Decker

Lauren German and Tom Ellis are masters at playing off each other, which makes these kinds of scenes even better. Chloe is the one that starts the charade, shocking even Lucifer, which Ellis does beautifully. Chloe accuses her “fiancé” of being cheap, which Lucifer takes as a personal offense. It’s a wonderful and hilarious scene as it turns from romantic to dramatic. We see Lucifer smile the biggest smile since last year’s “Love Handles.” And we get to find out more about Chloe in the process. Apparently, she knows a lot about diamonds from watching The Real Housewives.

After all is said and done, we get another wonderful scene. Lucifer tells Chloe that if she had a brother he would be very proud of her. It has echoes of their scene in “My Little Monkey” where he says her father would be proud of her. Lucifer has very peculiar ways of telling Chloe how proud he is of her; if only she could see the way he sees her, right? Something is very clear: these two are definitely not over their feelings.

Just a Little Fratricide 

A big focus in this episode was the concept of siblings—more specifically, brothers. We get a look at three very different blood-related sibling relationships, and one that has no blood relation. Cain succeeded in murdering his brother, Amenadiel tried to murder his brother but failed, and Jay just manipulated his sister. Of course, the difference here is that the latter two of these actually love their siblings. This part will focus on Cain and Amenadiel.

Cain doesn’t care about anyone other than himself, that’s always been clear, but it’s more at the forefront in this episode. Cain threatened to kill innocent people and then shot his gun in a crowded Lux. I’ve said it since the premiere, but this just confirms that Cain is our season’s villain. It was Tom Welling’s best performance to date as we see the shades of Cain’s evil start to come out. We do get a great parallel between Lucifer and Amenadiel as they both react the same way the first time they kill Cain.

Cain taunts Amenadiel with what he’s done in the past. He wasn’t wrong, per se; he and Amenadiel were quite similar in their actions. Their differences lie in how they reacted to them. Cain does not care that he murdered his brother, doesn’t hold himself accountable for it, but Amenadiel does. In what was truly a remarkable scene we see true regret come over DB Woodside’s face. Amenadiel loves Lucifer; he just is not good at showing it, and he needs to cut back on the “task” part. Because it makes Lucifer think he doesn’t care when he does. But just as it’s hard for Lucifer to change after eons of being the same, it’s hard for Amenadiel to change as well.

The Sibling Issue

Amenadiel is trying his best and he wants to protect Lucifer. He, and ironically Charlotte, seem to be the only ones that call out the fact that Cain is not a good person. Amenadiel knows his brother and knows his blind spots. He can see that Cain is manipulating Lucifer even if Lucifer refuses to listen. Hopefully, Amenadiel keeps his eyes open, because we agree with him and think Cain is up to no good—there’s more to his plan that we don’t know.

Jay Lopez is not a bad brother but he’s not exactly making good choices. The road to hell is paved with good intentions after all. He’s trying to help his family but selfishly wants to maintain his good brother reputation while doing not so great things. Between a brother who ghosts her and one that manipulates her, Ella deserves better.

Lucifer S03E14 FOX Tom Ellis (Lucifer)
Tom Ellis as Lucifer Morningstar

Which leads us to the relationship with Lucifer himself. Their relationship is one of the most interesting ones on the show, as I wrote in “Vegas with Some Radish.” We see them bicker, as siblings do, and when Ella is close to falling apart, with some phenomenal acting by Garcia, we see him get his flask to comfort her. Sadly, his instincts seem to be on point, as he catches Jay trying to take the diamonds. He could turn him in, but instead, he tells him not to tell Ella.

He might not understand Ella, her faith, or anything she does, but he still cares about her. The last thing he wants is for Ella to get hurt, and in that way, he’s a better brother to her than the two we’ve met. It makes for one of the best scenes of the episode; Ellis is truly menacing as he tells her brother he’ll be watching. Oh yeah, and the eyes are back.


Lucifer Morningstar: By the way, Tom Hanks is a national treasure, also a movie, not as helpful though.


Mazikeen Smith: If they can’t walk they can’t betray you.


Lucifer Morningstar: Ahh the diamond industry, truly the greatest trick someone other than me played on the world.


Amenadiel: Have you tried Game of Thrones?


Ella Lopez: He’s like Harrison Ford but less growly.

Lucifer Morningstar: I’m sure if any other cop had been working this case he would have ended up in prison, or worse. So well done, detective.

Chloe Decker: Oh my god, did the world just turn upside down? Did you just admit to being wrong?

Lucifer Morningstar: I won’t quite go that far, but I’m sure if you had a brother, he would be very proud of you.


Ella Lopez: That’s so Maze.


Lucifer Morningstar: No need to promise, Jay Lopez, because I’ll be watching, and if you ever disappoint her again, I’ll come for you.


*Why are the eyes back? Did he actually lose them or did he just think he did? Was it because he was protecting someone he cares about? So many questions.

*I had no time to talk about it but Tricia Helfer and Rachael Harris were fantastic during this week’s episode. They were the two innocents caught in a celestial crossfire and I do believe they could help each other. This also proves that Linda is the strongest of us all.

*I have a feeling whenever Lucifer and Chloe get together he’s going to shower her with gifts to show her how not-cheap he is.

*Director Claudia Yarmy did a phenomenal job during that fight scene between Amenadiel and Cain; it truly was incredible. Even if it meant Lux got destroyed, again. 

*The scene where Lucifer and Dan are trying to figure out where Ella took her brother is hilarious.

*Rey Valentin did a wonderful job as Jay Lopez and I loved his interactions with Aimee Garcia. The scene where she is reprimanding him felt very true to how Mexican siblings act (I should know, right?).

*Way back in season 2 it seemed like God named Amenadiel his favorite son, something both Lucifer and Amenadiel took to heart. This week Cain called God’s bluff on the “Favorite Son” thing; does that mean we will get more information on that? After all, like Lucifer said, if it was in a book then it must be true….or is it? 

*The Olympics are coming up, so we get to endure yet another hiatus… Yay!


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  • Ah the eyes… a) maybe they are new ones b) perhaps Lucifer couldn’t bring forth the face or eyes because the problem was psychological. If the situation is b then I hope the writers aren’t going to recycle the thing that happened in season 1 (which was Lucifer thinking everyone could harm him after Chloe shot him in the leg).
    A reason why the eyes have returned is that Lucifer is less confused about who he really is (re: identity crisis). Or we could fall back to the obvious, it was because Lucifer protected Ella’s faith in Jay.

    It was great that Linda confronted what she feared after getting reassurance from Lucifer.

    I got a bit bored of Cain in this ep. I want to know about Abel’s side of the story.