Review – Lucifer S03E15: High School Poppycock

Lucifer Takes Us Back to High School 

This week’s episode of Lucifer is the first one after the Winter Olympics hiatus. Let’s hope that was the last hiatus for a while, because those are not fun. This episode, however, was a lot of fun. But, while very fun and interesting, this episode suffered a bit from being overly hyped. I loved the episode but I feel I would have loved it more if they hadn’t hyped it up so much. “High School Poppycock” was written by the phenomenal writing duo of Chris Rafferty and Jen Graham Imada. I have to give them and director Louis Milito props for writing a damn good episode. 

Broken Hearts and Broken Friendships

First we’ll look at only part of the episode I wasn’t a fan of. Shit hit the fan in terms of the Amenadiel/Linda/Maze triangle. Despite some truly glorious acting from the trio, especially from Lesley-Ann Brandt and Rachael Harris, the story just doesn’t work. I love both Amenadiel and Linda as characters, and loved their scenes as friends but as a couple? They leave a lot to be desired.

cr. Erik Voake/FOX

He spent most of the first season manipulating her to get to Lucifer. Season 2 had them interacting on rare occasions. He helped Maze save her life and they hang out a few times and suddenly they are an epic love? I don’t really buy it. I wish I could because I love both characters, but all it did was make both of them look bad. Especially when you consider Maze.

Brandt and Harris truly delivered during that fight but my heart broke for both characters. I do think Laze has a lot of potential but most importantly I liked their friendship. It was a pure friendship and one that helped both characters grow. I hate the trope of ruining good friendships between women—which we don’t get a lot of in television—for a man, even one as great as Amenadiel.

While I loved Linda standing up for herself I’m glad she realized that, yes, she was being slightly selfish. Friends don’t do that to each other. It’s gals over pals, after all. I sincerely hope the friendship can be repaired, but it’s not looking good.

Also, can we stop it with Maze and the consent issues this season? I know Amenadiel being uncomfortable was basically the point but touching him against his will is still wrong.

High School Never Ends

We had a marvelous case this week. One that allowed for every character to shine a little bit, and it was beautiful. Not to mention that Chloe and Lucifer were the most relatable they have ever been, for very different reasons.

Lucifer has a nightmare of Chloe falling while he is unable to use his wings to save her. We see true worry in Tom Ellis’ face as he is explaining his dream to Linda. In true Lucifer fashion he tries writing it off but it’s on his mind now. Maybe it’s foreshadowing that Chloe’s life will be in danger and he’ll need to use the wings to save her?

cr. Erik Voake/FOX

Lucifer has a very common path this episode: get rid of writer’s block. I have truly never related to Lucifer Morningstar as much as I did in this episode. As any writer will tell you, there’s nothing as evil as writer’s block. It’s truly the bane of our existence. Lucifer tries everything he can to get rid of it, from asking Dan’s advice to being the responsible one in a case.

It’s a hilarious case of role reversal that both Ellis and Lauren German portray masterfully. It’s fabulous to be able to see Chloe let loose a little bit as well. Chloe gets very caught up in the high school reunion spirit, as she never went to high school. We see a childish joy come out in German’s performance that we don’t get to enjoy very often but it’s always a blast.

Chloe was extremely relatable as well because, well, we all fangirl about something. I cannot tell you the number of times the words she said have come out of my own mouth. Staying up all night reading a series and not realizing you stayed up all night? We’ve all been there.

The Beating Heart

This episode was described as the biggest Deckerstar episode yet this season, which isn’t completely accurate. It had incredible moments but we have to give the biggest Deckerstar episode title to “Vegas with Some Radish.” But since it was season 2 holdover then maybe this one does get the prize. Sadly, in season 3 that bar is not so high because there’s not been a lot of Deckerstar at all.

cr. Erik Voake/FOX

Deckerstar has been described on multiple occasions as the beating heart of the show. Episodes like this one, “My Brother’s Keeper,” and of course the episodes in mid-season 2, demonstrate that when Deckerstar is on track the show just flows. Now, this isn’t to say that they’re the only aspect that matters in this show, because all the characters matter, except Cain perhaps. But the Lucifer and Chloe relationship, whether it be platonic or romantic, is ingrained in the DNA of the show. Maybe the reason season 3 has hit some roadblocks is because it’s missing a bit of heart.

Neither Chloe nor Lucifer are moving forward, and neither is the plot. Chloe doesn’t know he’s the devil. There’s no way to move forward when she doesn’t know something so important. Not to mention it keeps Lauren German out of the main plot, and that’s not great, considering she’s our leading lady. For a show that made a big deal in the season 2 finale about not going backwards (and reiterated it in this particular episode) that does seem to be all they are doing at the moment.

Here’s hoping that changes soon, because this is one of the best shows on television, not to mention one of the most talented writers’ rooms I’ve seen. As we learn this episode, all writers go through ruts, it’s just a matter of how we get through them.

The Love You Gave

Chloe spends most of the episode regretting not having a high school experience, didn’t go to her own prom. She thinks it’s slightly ridiculous to feel that way but Lucifer reassures her it’s not. It’s one of those moments when you see how well they truly know each other.

cr. Erik Voake/FOX

In what is a truly touching parallel to the episode “Homewrecker” back in season 2, we see Lucifer doing something for Chloe without expecting anything in return. In both, they come to a realization about their lives before the other gives them a gift. Lucifer was fighting for his home, then realizes it was the people that made it a home. Then Chloe tells him she got Lux to be named a heritage site, effectively saving his home.

Chloe realizes that she doesn’t mind missing out on the high school things. It’s not who she is and she likes who she is. That’s when he turns around and we see him wearing a different suit and there is a corsage in his hand. He lovingly pushes hair out of her face and puts the corsage on her sweater.

We see a return to the Lucifer that was beginning to emerge toward the end of the previous season. A man of forethought and tender care. He put on a suit with a bow tie; he set up the lights to resemble a high school dance, set up confetti and even got her a corsage. The dance is very meaningful as we can see these are two people who might not be together but they’re still very much in love. They dance to “Only You” by Yazoo, which is actually quite fitting for them.

Because when you strip the relationship to its purest form, Lucifer Morningstar and Chloe Jane Decker are a story of love.


Linda Martin: There’s no easy fix for a lack of ideas.

Lucifer Morningstar: No?

Linda Martin: You just have to be patient; you never know when or where inspiration will strike.


Chloe Decker: What is with all this “yes and” stuff?

Lucifer Morningstar: Some improv thing I was hoping would knock me out of my idea dry spell.

Chloe Decker: But you’re clearly just saying what you would normally say, just with the words “yes and” in front of it…

Lucifer Morningstar: Yes and…it’s clearly not working.


Lucifer Morningstar: When will people understand writer’s block is a very serious condition?


Ella Lopez: Oh I never run out of ideas; I’ve got way too many. My problem is how to choose.


Lucifer Morningstar: I’ve had many accents over the years but this one is clearly the best.


Lucifer Morningstar: Look at me being the responsible one.


*It’s very telling that it’s Chloe’s words that finally get through Lucifer’s mental block. 

*One of my favorite parts of the episode was the amount of ice cream-related puns.

*I truly appreciated the writers not making fun of fanfiction. This episode truly was an episode for writers. I can honestly say I have been both Lucifer and Ella in different stages of my life. I have had horrible writer’s block but also more ideas than I know what to do with.

*Ella and Chloe with the neon wigs were iconic and yes, they looked good.

*I’m still slightly miffed that the first scene was a dream. I appreciate the effort and the idea behind it but the wings still look slightly fake. I do know all the work that goes into a scene like that so it doesn’t bother me, much.

*I’m proud of my girl Charlotte for being a part of the group and that tiny moment with Dan was adorable.

*Speaking of endearing scenes, that moment between Maze and Trixie warmed my heart.

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  • Wonderful review. Everything you said was spot on. I am/was disappointed in the turn they took with Linda and Maze. Just didn’t seem necessary to do so.
    Also yes the hype was too much. While I lived the last scene it does not compare to last season. We had them building up to that last season and this season we go from nothing to that. But maybe they will stay the course. Thanks again for a great review.

    • Honestly I’m still trying to wrap my head around it… Like why was it necessary?? Hopefully it’s one of those things that when we see the whole picture (aka the whole season) it makes more sense byt for the moment we have to wait..

      Well to be fair they did say it was their biggest Deckerstar /this/ season. But yeah there is such a thing as overly hyping it.. I do think we’re heading to someplace this season.. or well I hope.

      Thank you! It’s my pleasure reviewing this show and thanks for commenting!

  • I’m glad I felt skeptical about the spoilers for this episode. My anticipation was more ‘yay new ep’

    Ouchy context parallel: But you were my friend. / 2×14 Friends, that’s exactly what we are. Just friends.

    Natural you is best parallel: Yes, I wanted to check on you. That you were back to being the good detective. / 1×11 The old Lucifer would have known that. I miss him, by the way. At least he had my back.

    Even though Lucifer disses Dan and has done so many times before, Dan is still willing to give advice.

    Poor Todd. He ends up being the odd one out again in the blind double date.

    Gah I can’t believe Lucifer cryptically referred to Cain as his friend!

    The neon wigs reminds me of the Scott Pilgrim movie.

    I find it interesting that the devil does indeed dream.

    • Ohh those are good parallels hadn’t thought of the 2×14 one, good eye!

      I’m a big fan of the Lucifer x Dan friendship because unlike other characters you can tell there’s a real fondness in the teasing..

      Yeah the fandom had conflicting headcanons on that so it was like we’re glad we got confirmation that he does dream.

      Thanks for the comment!