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Baby Sharg Attack in Mech Cadet Yu #6

Previously in Mech Cadet Yu, Stanford and the other cadets were grounded for disobeying direct orders. That does not mean they are out of the fight! While during the day the Cadets help find and destroy Sharg eggs before they can hatch, Captain Tanaka has them running secret drills at night to hone their skills. Things only slow down for a minute as the base comes under attack from baby Shargs! In Mech Cadet Yu #6 the cadets will have to improvise to live to fight another day!


Mech Cadet Yu #6 - Cover Art by Takeshi Miyazawa
Mech Cadet Yu #6 – Cover Art by Takeshi Miyazawa

Greg Pak continues to write a fun and compelling story in Mech Cadet Yu #6. I have been enjoying getting to see Stanford bond with his other Cadets, and it was great to see his mom get a bit of the spotlight in issue #5. Pak has done a fantastic job of building this world up and creating some very interesting characters. 

It is not brought up in this issue, but in the previous issue, it was teased that we have not been told the whole story about Captain Tanaka. His backstory may be way more complicated than what we have been told. I was a little upset that we did not learn more about it in this issue. It will be very interesting to see how that turns out, as Stanford looks up to him so much.

Again, I love the character of Stanford Yu, who continues to be great. Pak writes him in such a great way that you cannot help but root for him. He shines again in Mech Cadet Yu #6, as him and his teammates have to attempt to save the day once again. Yu continues to be a standout character and his mom again shines. Pak is making Stanford’s mom a great endearing character as well. You can feel off the pages how much she cares for her son, and it is also great to see her play a more pivotal role as the story progresses.


Takeshi Miyazawa has some absolutely fantastic character work in Mech Cadet Yu #6. He really nails the facial expressions in this issue as the kids battle against the baby Shargs. You can feel the fear and terror on their faces as they fight for survival. Miyazawa also puts great details into the baby Shargs. You can practically feel the roughness of their bug-like exoskeleton come off of the pages.

Triona Farrell continues to enhance Mech Cadet Yu with some beautiful coloring work. The Sharg look particularly impressive as their dark coloration pops off the pages. The dark shaded colors really enhance the creepiness factor for these aliens. I really enjoy the whole darker color scheme Farrell employs on this series. It’s not “dark” in the moodiness sense, but in that the colors are not bright, they are a little more toned done. It really helps the series as a whole keep a “central” feel to it.


No surprise, Mech Cadet Yu continues to be a great series and Mech Cadet Yu #6 is a great entry into its storyline. Pak continues to write a fantastic story with some wonderful characters. The art also continues to be stand-out and fantastic with a great eye for detail and character acting. This is absolutely one of the greatest all-ages series in comic books and should not be missed. Fans will be shocked by the ending in issue #6 as the Cadet training academy will never be the same again after this most recent attack!




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