Review – The Librarians S04E12: And the Echoes of Memory

The Librarians and Eve Baird’s Quest for a Reset Button

Last week on The Librarians,  Cassandra (Lindy Booth), Jacob Stone (Christian Kane) and Ezekiel (John Harlan Kim) were forced to face their nightmares and fight to the death. If they refused to participate in the trial and kill each other, Jenkins (John Larroquette)’s life would be forfeit. Guess what happened. After Jenkins’ death, the Librarians quit the Library, as they thought Flynn (Noah Wyle) did before them. Eve (Rebecca Romijn) was left alone in the Library when Nicole Noone (Rachel Nichols) revealed her plan to destroy the Library. Now that the Library was left Librarian-less and untethered, it was disappearing. Eve was told that the only way the Library would be brought back was through her memory. Noone shoves Eve into an alternate reality, with only her memory to guide her.

The Librarians and Timeline Troubles

The Librarians S04E12 And the Echoes of Memory TNT (a) cr Allyson RiggsThis week on The Librarians, Eve has to find a reset button, and quickly. She’s having difficulty remembering the Library, despite having jumped timelines before. Her path back home involves finding all four of her Librarians, and enlisting their assistance.

Eve’s quandary reminds me of the problem at the beginning of Warehouse 13‘s fourth season. There is an unquestionable need for a timeline reset, but there are a couple places where the timeline may end up. Is Eve going to reset the timeline to the end of the last episode, after Jenkins died? Is she going to use the reset button to go back and save Jenkins? In the end, Flynn decides to make when to reset the timeline his responsibility. I won’t spoil how he solves the “reset button” problem exactly, but I will say that the end of the episode reminded me more of Dallas than Warehouse 13

Based on Eve’s previous experiences, she should have had no problem leading the quest for the reset button. Her issues in doing so seem to be based in the show’s protagonist problem.

The Librarians and the Protagonist Problem

The Librarians S04E12 And the Echoes of Memory TNT (d) cr Allyson RiggsThe choice to have Eve forget the Library was designed to foreground Flynn and the Eve/Flynn relationship. Though those are not necessarily bad elements, foregrounding them wasn’t a good choice. However, it’s clear to me why the writers decided to do this and why it was a mistake.

The writers seem to think that The Librarians is all about Flynn Carsen, but it never has been. Not only has Flynn already had three movies, Noah Wyle doesn’t seem to have TV protagonist time in his schedule. The Librarians has always been about the bond between Eve and the younger Librarians. Eve, Cassandra, Stone, and Ezekiel should get the protagonist airtime. Instead, Flynn sucks up any airtime and character development whenever he’s around. Yes, I understand that he’s supposed to be the Ace, but his talent shouldn’t literally break plotlines. I hope the writers get a better balance with Flynn if the show is renewed.

The Librarians has not yet been renewed for a fifth season. However, The Librarians has never been renewed before the close of the current season, so this is not extraordinary.

What did you think about this season of The Librarians? Talk about in the comments!


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