Weekly Tattoo Round-up: Legend of Zelda

Welcome to the first installment of the Weekly Tattoo Round-up, an interactive article where we rate the ten best and worst tattoos from a different fandom every week! This is completely opinion-based and draws almost totally on personal tattoo preference, which, I don’t know, this will either work or it won’t. I am not by any means a tattoo artist, only an enthusiast. My opinions come from my own research and experiences being tattooed. Our inaugural week is none other than The Legend of Zelda, because I’ve been replaying Ocarina of Time and I’ve got Link on the brain.


The Good

Master Sword by @jessdoestattoos on InstagramMaster Sword by @jessdoestattoos on Instagram

This is exactly what I like to see in an elaborate piece: nothing muddled or too close together, crisp linework, solid color. The placement is perfect for a sword (and for an extra bonus, if you wear boots it looks like you’ve got a sword in your shoe). And there’s detail in the blade that mimics glass, giving this design a little extra fantasy element. Although I’m partial to the Biggeron Sword when it comes to gameplay, this is something I’d happily carry both on my body and in my arsenal.

10/10 would tear up some grass with this.  

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of Zelda - Lens of Truth by @aceofspadesta2 on InstagramLens of Truth by @aceofspadesta2 on Instagram

I can’t look away from this eye; this liquid-y, golden, cat-like detail is mesmerizing, and I love it. The colors are bold enough, and while the light colors will most likely fade the fastest, this is strong enough to last with minimal spreading. The linework is a little weird looking in some places (uneven on the top, a tiny blowout on the handle) but I’m nitpicky, and if you look from far away, it’s great.

8/10 would use to cheat at treasure chest game.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of Zelda - Wind Waker Link by @scottfalboart on InstagramWind Waker Link by @scottfalboart on Instagram

The textbook definition of bold; thick black traditional lines, saturated color, this is a dream. The only things I can comment on are the lack of lines on the fairy and the Wingcrest; it leads me to speculate on some spreading as this ages. The drained heart isn’t exactly in the center, but what does that even matter? And also I can’t remember if this is actually Wind Waker Link or not (shame me).

9/10 would refill heart container.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaVolvagia by Jackie Rabbit at Eye of Jade Tattoo

Right off the bat, I love this tattoo because it captures what Volvagia should look like, instead of the weird floppy fire worm he actually is in the 3DS version of Ocarina. He’s got the illusion of being three-dimensional with the white linework where he overlaps himself, and the colors are dark enough that this should experience minimal fading, although white ink tends to fade to yellow. Overall, he’s a cool guy and I love him.

9/10 would feel bad about killing.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of Zelda

Majora’s Mask by @cammiyu on Instagram

This is the granddaddy of my round-up, this doesn’t even look real. Somehow the muted pink flowers perfectly complement the washed-out color in the mask, giving this tattoo a dreamy quality. A lot of Majora tattoos I’ve seen are bold, bright, and extremely saturated, and while I also enjoy that, there’s something about this one that transcends all others. I’d love to see this one as it ages, just to know how those soft colors turn out, but for now, I’m content to let myself believe it will look like this forever.

11/10 would consider getting a back piece for this.


The Bad

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaA doozy to start out with; why does Link look like an Anime Man™? Why is Epona some sort of black spectral griffon?? And why is this a full back piece??? I’ll admit, the tree is okay, and the little Triforce is cute; but the hill in the background is like those landscapes we all drew in elementary school art class: one solid curved line = a hill in the distance.

2/10 the tree saved it a little but not by much.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaOkay, so, I like the Triforce, and I like the pixels, and I like the heart container detail; what I don’t like is the Triforce of Courage as Link’s weird eye and the Triforce of Wisdom as Link’s weird ear. Majora as the Triforce of Power, sure, whatever, that’s cool. But Link looks like Tommy Wiseau twenty years ago, or David Duchovny today, and I can’t agree with that. Also, he’s wearing a knitted beanie and I don’t know how to feel about that.

3/10 there was an attempt.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaI’m terrified of this moon, but for all the wrong reasons. There is no reason for this moon to look like this, and that’s all I can focus on. He’s seen some shit, and now I have, too.

0/10 probably fine if you look from far away, but I don’t want to look at all.

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaWhy do people insist on getting tattoos of Link playing the Ocarina? Every time it looks like he’s taking a bong hit, or a breathalyzer test; there is no other way around it. Eyes-open-Ocarina is particularly unsettling, as is that chicken-wing arm and unnatural finger positioning. Navi looks good, though.

1/10 Navi looks good. 

Weekly Tattoo Roundup: Legend of ZeldaThis tattoo is giving me a physical pain in my chest. I’m having heart palpitations with how bad this is. I have a few questions: first of all, why? Second of all, who hurt you? Third of all, WHY?

0/10 I hope this is pen but I really don’t think it is.


This concludes the first Weekly Tattoo Round-up! Let me know what you think about this series, share your good and/or bad Zelda tattoos in the comments if you want; tell me if you love it, or tell me to just shut up if you hate it, and I’ll cry for a while but I’ll get over it. Stay tuned next week to see what gifts and garbage we discover!

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