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5 Comics Not To Miss This Week


Five Must-Read Comics This Week – 3/14/2018

The dedicated and hard-working comic fans here at Word of the Nerd have sorted through this week’s new releases to bring you in no particular order, 5 comics that you simply cannot miss this week!


GREEN LANTERN EARTH ONE HC VOL 01  5 Comics Not To Miss This Week


The newest Earth One original graphic novel presents an all-new origin for the Emerald Warrior! Hal Jordan yearns for the thrill of discovery, but the days when astronaut and adventure were synonymous are long gone. His gig prospecting asteroids for Ferris Galactic is less than fulfilling-but at least he’s not on Earth, where technology and culture have stagnated. When Jordan finds a powerful ring, he also finds a destiny to live up to. There are worlds beyond his own, unlike anything he ever imagined. But revelation comes with a price: the Green Lantern Corps has fallen, wiped out by ruthless killing machines known as Manhunters. The odds against reviving the Corps are nearly impossible…but doing the impossible is exactly what Hal Jordan was trained to do!
From co-writer and artist Gabriel Hardman (Invisible Republic) and co-writer Corinna Bechko comes a soaring original graphic novel that takes a radical new look at the mythology of Green Lantern and provides a great entry point for new readers

  • Written by Gabriel Hardman, Corinna Bechko
  • Art by Gabriel Hardman
  • Cover Art by Gabriel Hardman

From DC Comics

AVENGERS #684  5 Comics Not To Miss This WeekAVENGERS #684

Back from the dead! He cannot be reasoned with. He will not be stopped. Bruce Banner isn’t home right now. There is only THE IMMORTAL HULK.

  • Written by Mark Waid, Al Ewing, Jim Zub
  • Art by Joe Bennett, Paco Medina
  • Cover Art by Mark Brooks

From Marvel Comics

GRASS KINGS #13 MAIN & MIX  5 Comics Not To Miss This WeekGRASS KINGS #13 MAIN & MIX

War returns to the Grass Kingdom.

  • Written by Matt Kindt
  • Art by Tyler Jenkins
  • Cover Art by Tyler Jenkins, Matt Kindt

From BOOM! Studios

VAMPIRONICA #1  5 Comics Not To Miss This Week


NEW ONGOING SERIES! When Veronica is bitten by a centuries-old vampire, her thirst for blood threatens to turn Riverdale into a haven for the undead. Will she put an end to the vampire threat or give in to her bloodlust?

  • Written by Greg Smallwood, Megan Smallwood
  • Art by Greg Smallwood
  • Cover Art by Audrey Mok

From Archie Comic Publications

STAR WARS DARTH VADER #13  5 Comics Not To Miss This Week


As the Empire’s grip tightens, the stirrings of Rebellion begin in the Mon Cala system. Order must be maintained…a job which falls to Vader, his inquisitors…and Wilhuff Tarkin.

  • Written by Charles Soule
  • Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli
  • Cover Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli

From Marvel Comics

What comics are you looking forward to the most? Do you disagree with any of our choices? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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