EA Planning Open World Star Wars Game

New Open World Star Wars Video Game in the Works

According to, EA is planning to develop an open world Star Wars video game. Evidence for this development comes not from a leak, but from a job posting. The job posting in question reads:

The Role: Lead Online Engineer 
We are looking for a talented and experienced Lead Online Engineer to join an established, experienced team of developers working on a AAA Star Wars title in development at EA Vancouver. This is an opportunity to join a veteran team to design, architect, and implement the Online infrastructure for the project, while working with industry-leading central technologies.

You will lead a team of Engineers to accomplish the goals for the product as well as be an effective people manager to grow the talent on the team. You will report to the project Technical Director and ensure that the Online systems are meeting the robustness and performance requirements.

Star Wars games assortment
only SOME of the vast number of titles

As everyone knows, this is not the first game based on the popular franchise. In fact, there are rather a lot of them. However, an open world Star Wars game has not yet been done. The format will probably be really appealing to Star Wars fans. It should, theoretically, allow fans to play around in the universe in a way that only fanfiction writers could have achieved before. As a bonus, it’s unlikely that any fanfiction that occurred in the Star Wars universe came with the features that a video game provides. There’s a reason that the anticipation has started before the game’s development.

There is no anticipated release date for this video game. This is probably because the person in charge of its development has not yet been hired. 

Would you play an open world Star Wars video game? Are you already excited for this game? Do you have a favorite among the already released games? Tell us in the comments!

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