Review – Dodge City #1 (BOOM! Studios)

Welcome to Dodge City #1!

The ever so brilliant Dodge City is where everyone just loves…Dodgeball? Yep, a series is here that revolves solely around playing dodgeball. It’s an interesting premise and let’s be honest, what did you expect from a city with a name like that!? This new series follows the adventures of young Thomas who is presumably new to the sport of dodgeball and makes quite the impression on his fellow teammates by not exactly being very good. Being new and mostly unskilled leaves him playing the stand-in position for most of the games until he stops being bad at the game.

Everythings changes when Thomas becomes the new captain of the school dodgeball team aptly named the “Jazz Pandas”. Even though he does show some skills when it comes to keeping an eye on the ball, will that enough to bring the un-coordinated Jazz Pandas to victory in the summer regionals?


Dodge City #1 alt. cover by Natacha Bustos
Dodge City #1 (CA) Natacha Bustos

At first glance, Dodge City #1 may seem like a weird subject to have in a comic book, but that doesn’t stop it. The first issue is well written and even goes the extra mile to explain some of the rules of dodgeball for those who didn’t have the misfortune to endure it in gym class growing up.  The characters are also very nicely distinguished from one another not keeping them limited to typical school archetypes.

The team has a nice bit of diversity and Josh Trujillo does an excellent job with character development.   There is also great relationship development between certain members of the team as well as members of other teams. I just love the establishment of the Jazz Pandas as the underdogs and their rivals the Kettle Balls.  The characters that actually make an appearance on the pages are all excellent. Though, I can’t help wanting more.


The Art in Dodge City #1 is simply brilliant. Reading through the issue you can just see the action and the intensity of each panel perfectly. The subtle tones of red and sketch-like outlines perfectly blend together in order to show us the energy in the first dodgeball game of the series. The emotions are handled superbly. This is especially evident when Thomas shows his nervousness during the opening half. It’s just another excellent take from Cara Mcgee and Brittany Peer who were able to paint an appealing and independent look into this new world.


Dodge City #1 is just simply an excellent read. I cannot wait for the next issue to figure out where the series will go. I haven’t enjoyed a non-Superhero series like this in a long time. There is an element of “fun” that I found while reading which is still picking at me. Here’s hoping the series continues to run as amazingly as this issue. 



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