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Extremity #12…The End

All good things must come to an end and so here we are with Extremity #12. The final battle has begun between the Roto clan and the Paznina clan. Thea and Rollo’s father activated the beacon to unleash a hellish beast upon the Paznina. This also happened to be Rollo’s robot friend Shiloh. This new horrific form is destroying everything.  Rollo is fighting the changed Shiloh in a giant mech unit, while Thea and the Essene people try to stop the fighting the best they can. 

The final confrontation is upon them in Extremity #12. Can Thea convince her father to stop his warpath of vengeance?  And what about the Paznina? Has Princess Annora changed her ways also? Can she stop her people from fighting as well?  


Extremity #12 (CA) Daniel Warren Johnson
Extremity #12 (CA) Daniel Warren Johnson

Daniel Warren Johnson has brought the reader on an emotional roller coaster with these past twelve issues. We started out seeing Thea as a broken girl. She had lost her mother.  Killed by The Paznina people, her hand had been cut off in battle taking her ability to draw. Drawing was the one thing she was talented at and was known throughout the land for. She was hopelessly lost and like her father, consumed by vengeance. We slowly watched her change throughout the series into someone that realizes that the path of vengeance is never satisfying and will never make her whole again. Johnson has done an incredible job with her.  It was amazing to see her growth throughout each issue.

The other characters have been fantastic as well, The friendship between Shiloh and Rollo was one of my favorites and another heartbreaker. All of the side characters where wonderfully written and everyone seemed to have a story purpose or a story of their own to tell.

Johnson does not stop pulling at your heartstrings throughout Extremity #12. No spoilers here, but I feel the ending is quite satisfactory for a series that I have loved. Maybe everything is not wrapped up in a nice little bow, but it represents what the series has been about well.


Daniel Warren Johnson’s art has amazed me with each and every issue of Extremity. The detailed character work and his great eye for “movement” during scenes are spectacular. Nobody draws an action scene quite like Johnson. His characters have so much “energy” to them that it feels like they are moving on the page. All the hits, cuts, and smashes have a definite impact to them. You never feel like you are looking at a still image.  Every scene flows superbly well together.

Johnson also does fantastic character work as well. The feelings and emotions of the characters jump off the pages. The facial expressions and body language fits perfectly with what is happening in the story.  He can convey so much of what a character is going through without words being present. Johnson is a wonderful artist that should be looked as one of the best in the industry right now.

A lot of praise should be also given to colorist Mike Spicer.  He brings Extremity to another level with his beautiful coloring work. There is a wonderful two-page spread in Extremity #12. Spicer gives the setting sky a beautiful hue of red, oranges, and yellows that is absolutely stunning.  He has done incredible work throughout this series and should not be overlooked.


Rus Wooton is my favorite letterer. Lettering is something that is not often praised and is said that good lettering should go unnoticed. While that is somewhat true Wooton is really the “cherry on top” of Extremity. The “movement” feeling the characters and scenes credit has to be given to Wooton as well.  His lettering enhances that feeling greatly throughout the series. For example, there is a scene in Extremity #12 of Rollo coming out of his mech unit.  Wooton adds in a great subtle “sssss” to the pilot door opening that sells the scene perfectly. It is small and not noticeable but you read it all the same and it pulls that whole small scene together perfectly!


Extremity #12 is an issue I was happy and sad to read at the same time. Happy because Johnson got to tell his complete story and the saga of Thea got to come full circle. It was awesome to follow this character to her stories “end”. Sad because it is over, after twelve issues I have grown to love these characters and world.  It is sad to leave it.

I am extremely excited to see what Daniel Warren Johnson has in store for his next project.  His work means so much to me that if I see his name on a title, I am buying it. I have been reading and reviewing Extremity since issue #1 (check out all my reviews here) and I can say that each and every issue has been fantastic. Here’s hoping that Skybound/Image Comics gives us a great hardback collection of these twelve issues that we can buy for ourselves and give to our comic book loving friends and family!


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