Review – Grass Kings #13 (BOOM! Studios)

Bullets Fly in Grass Kings #13

Previously in Grass Kings, Sheriff Humbert seems convinced that Archie killed Jen after Bruce brought the information about the tapes and Archie finding her body and burning her trailer. Well, he has alerted the FBI and they have surrounded the Grass Kingdom. In Grass Kings #13 literal all hell breaks loose as the FBI opens fire! Bruce is still in Carghill, investigating the murders of the thin-air killer. It seems he has found a break in the case that may lead to the real killer! He may find the killer, but he also may not have a home to go back to in Grass Kings #13.


Grass Kings BOOM Studios cover by Tyler Jenkins
cover by Tyler Jenkins

Matt Kindt has built up this series tremendously through these past thirteen issues and Grass Kings #13 brings the tension to its highest point yet.  We are finally getting clues to who the thin-air killer may be, and it has been a fantastic mystery. I love the way Kindt has slowly revealed this story about the killer since the beginning of Grass Kings. We also learn a little more about the past of Sheriff Humbert’s father and why the case has haunted his family through the years.

The Grass Kingdom is not faring so well, as the FBI wants to take Archie into custody. And, well, things escalate from there. Kindt also drops what exactly the Grass Kingdom is in the form of news coverage of the standoff between the FBI and the Grass Kingdom.  It is basically what I thought it was: people living “off the grid” on their own land or somebody’s land. It is nice to have confirmation though. 


Tyler and Hilary Jenkins continue to deliver some wonderful art in Grass Kings #13. You really wouldn’t think their style, with Tyler’s more sketchy type ink lines and Hilary’s watercolors, would adapt well to more action-oriented scenes, but you would be wrong. Well, I know it fits because they did a tremendous job in issues #5 and #6 with the fight between Sheriff Humbert. And Grass Kings #13 looks equally good. Tyler Jenkins draws a fantastic-looking helicopter and a really great VW van—that thing looks perfect!

Hilary Jenkins watercolor type style has certainly made this series eye-catching. It is immediately noticeable and sets the mood and tone of the series perfectly. I love her coloring of the Grass Kingdom. She makes the fields and forest look beautiful throughout the pages. She uses a lot of faded yellows and greens in this issue that gives me a “fall” like feeling that is absolutely fantastic!


Grass Kings feels like a good serial television show. Each issue gives the reader a little piece of a continually-building story that is slowly but surely building to a climactic ending. Kindt has woven a fantastic tale that has transformed into a superb mystery and suspenseful comic book series. The art in Grass Kings has grown on me immensely since the first issue. The series would not have the same feel or tone without Tyler and Hilary Jenkins. The final page is a fantastic cliffhanger that does not bode well for the Grass Kingdom. I truly do not know what will happen next, but I am immensely excited to see the reveal of the thin-air killer and what happens to the Grass Kingdom and its residents!


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