Review – Jughead: The Hunger #4 (Archie Comics)

Making a Werewolf Hunter in Jughead: The Hunger #4

In Jughead: The Hunger #4 we take a trip back in time to learn about Elena Cooper. Betty Cooper’s werewolf hunter extraordinaire Aunt and leader of the Cooper family. We learn how a young girl “transformed” into the monster killing machine she is today. Elena has not always been as confident and brazen as she currently is. She once too was a young girl thrust into her werewolf fighting family. We soon find out that she struggled with the same type of conflict Betty is in hunting down her friend Jughead Jones.


Jughead the Hunger #4 (CA) Michael Walsh
Jughead the Hunger #4 (CA) Michael Walsh

I almost did not pick up Jughead: The Hunger #4. After issue #3 I was getting a little tired of the story; it was not bad, but it also was not really exciting me that much. The only reason I really picked up this issue was I really loved the cover by Adam Gorham and I am a sucker for a good-looking werewolf. Well, I am happy I picked up this issue because Frank Tieri focus on Elena Cooper’s background was fantastic. This issue had a great opening scene and then we are thrust into Elena’s past. 

Tieri does a brilliant job of bringing Elena’s past to life and giving her character a lot of depth in Jughead: The Hunger #4. It is not something that I thought we were going to get and it has helped shape and fill out this world. For me, it also helped the story not feel so one-dimensional now that we are getting a little more in-depth with other characters we have seen.


The art continues to be split between Pat and Tim Kennedy.  The first 10 pages are Pat and the last 10 pages are Joe Eisma. Not much has changed art wise in my view from my past three reviews. It is not bad art, but it is not jaw-dropping either. I am still not a huge fan of how the werewolves are depicted.  They feel a little “cartoonish” at times. All that being said, the opening scene of Elena fighting wolves is fantastic. The structure and layout of that page are wonderful and the movement Pat and Tim Kennedy show are marvelously done.

I love Matt Herms’s colors in this series. His use of the darker color palette is superbly well done. He firmly plants this series in the “Archie Horror Universe” with his use of these darker colors. He also helps the transition of the artist flow smoothly and not super noticeable.


All in all, I am happy I picked up Jughead: The Hunger #4.  The focus on Elena Cooper and her past was a welcome change to the story and helped flesh out this world superbly well. I enjoyed learning about her past and what made her become the person she is today. The art continues to be okay. I think a changeup in the art may help the series in the long run. This issue at least got me back on board with this series and with a wonderful final page teaser has me on for at least one more issue.


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