Review – Lucifer S03E17: Let Pinhead Sing!

Lucifer’s Actions Push Away the One He Loves Most

Sorry for the delay in pushing this review out; work was, for lack of a better word, hell. I did want to write something about this episode because I truly enjoyed it, even if I kind of wanted to strangle Lucifer from time to time. I love episodes written by the dynamic duo that is Ildy Modrovich and Sheri Elwood. Their last duo episode was “Vegas with Some Radish” and I think we all know how much I loved that. “Let Pinhead Sing!” was another wonderful episode that shows us what happens when we push away those we love.

Mediating Demons

LUCIFER S03E13 Tricia Helfer Lesley-Ann Brandt FOX
Helfer and Brandt in Season 3 Ep. 13

Charlotte Richards is a true delight. Tricia Helfer is hilarious as she goes into her session talking about how she made conversation with someone in her office. She’s definitely making strides to do better while being herself and it’s kind of adorable to watch. And she is getting better at noticing when people aren’t themselves. Linda is distracted throughout their session so Charlotte suggests letting her mediate her and Maze. It goes as well as you think it will.

Maze invokes “Hoes over Bros” and doesn’t think she did anything wrong. Linda takes responsibility for her actions until Maze is unwilling to accept her apology. Then they fight yet again about the circumstances. Charlotte, bless her, is just stuck in the middle. It was a good idea but the mediation went nowhere.

Linda gets Maze a battle axe as an apology gift. She once again tells Maze that no man is worth their friendship. And while I agree, I wish she’d realized that before we had to deal with this whole situation. We get treated to a heartbreaking parallel of season 2’s “My Little Monkey” with them on opposite sides of the door. But instead of opening the door, they just walk away. Maze admires the gift but breaks it in half.

So we’re thinking these two have a long road ahead. But hopefully they can get through it, because their relationship is one of the best in the show.

Pushing You Away

LUCIFER S03E17 Let Pinhead Sing Tom Ellis Lauren German cr. Erik Voake FOX aired 12 Mar 2018
Lauren German and Tom Ellis Season 3 Ep. 17

Lucifer acted like a dick this episode; let’s just put that on the table. He had a good reason, or semi-good, but it doesn’t change the fact that he acted like a dick. He had this idea that dear old dad was going to come after him, and most importantly Chloe, for the Cain situation. So he thought the best thing to do was push her away. But as he later learned, he pushed her too far.

I mentioned it back in the review for “All About Her” but it’s worth mentioning again: Chloe has no clue why Lucifer does what he does. By trying to protect Chloe he is actually hurting her. Lauren German is a master at the subtle expressions this episode as she tries to understand why her partner is acting like this.

We get yet another clue at how in sync they are when she guesses exactly why he’s being like this. She knows the bomb scare scared him but that’s only half of it; she doesn’t know the other half. It’s clear she wanted to go to the concert with Lucifer, but Pierce invited himself. Last week I said I didn’t know how the triangle would start but after this episode, I can see why Chloe would take the chance. It’s still a ridiculous concept but it’s clear Chloe is looking for a way to protect her heart. There’s only so many chances you can give someone. And she doesn’t know Pierce is Cain.

Which led us to the final scene. After he watches Chloe leave with Pierce he ends up at Linda’s office, tearfully saying he’s made a terrible mistake. In that moment he didn’t go see his therapist, but rather, his friend. It’s the moment that it hits him that he might have pushed Chloe away too far this time. Tom Ellis was phenomenal in transmitting so many emotions in just two small scenes. Maybe we’ll finally get him to admit what we’ve always known: he’s in love with Chloe. 

Everybody Knows

LUCIFER S03E17 Let Pinhead Sing - Axara - cr. Erik Voake FOX aired 12 Mar 2018Lucifer loves Chloe—everyone knows it, except for Chloe. This is another “a blind man can see it” episode. Here the person at hand was guest star Skye Townsend, who portrayed the delightful diva Axara. It was great to see that someone could out-diva Lucifer. Ellis and Townsend had a delightful chemistry that made their scenes even better.


Lucifer takes on the role of protecting the diva so Chloe won’t have to; it’s his way of pushing Chloe from the spotlight. He pretends to like her antics to keep her happy, but we can see through him and after a bit, so does Axara. We get a hilarious moment of Ellis looking at the ceiling and saying things to make his father back off. He then has a conversation with Axara that he should be having with Chloe. She tells him something very important: he can’t let anyone get in the way of whatever he is truly passionate about, or life isn’t worth living. And we know that for Lucifer, life without Chloe isn’t worth it.

Axara gets away and we get treated to a duet of them singing “I Will Survive” in Lux. Every time we get to hear Tom Ellis sing is a treat, and combined with Townsend’s voice? It is a true joy in an already incredible episode. The killer threatens Chloe for a second and of course Lucifer jumps in front of a knife for her. It’s the moment he realizes he can’t push her out of the spotlight. We get some wonderful acting from both German and Ellis as he tells her he was worried about her instead of his own life.


Linda Martin: No man is worth what we have.


Chloe Decker: Our bomb scare made you realize just how dangerous this job is. And that you and I could lose each other.


Charlotte Richards: It feels like I’m floating… although that might be the three gimlets I had at lunch.


Axara: I might be a self-centered diva, but I have eyes.


Chloe Decker: What were you thinking, tackling someone with a knife?

Lucifer Morningstar: It’s not me I was worried about, detective.


Axara: You can’t let anyone come between you and the things you are passionate about in life, or it ain’t worth living.  


*Of course Cain is there when Lucifer gets hurt because of Chloe, and just like we predicted, he’s going to try to manipulate her. But it’s not going to work, because Chloe is not in love with him and never will be.

*Speaking of Cain, it’s very telling that he’s been in the precinct for months and all anyone can say is that he’s got nice arms.

*Chloe says she hopes no one ever loves her that much, which is hilarious considering we know Lucifer has died twice and risks life and limb at the mere chance of Chloe being in danger.

LUCIFER S03E17 Let Pinhead Sing Ella cr. Erik Voake FOX aired 12 Mar 2018 (detail)

*Despite the reasoning behind it, Lucifer giving Ella the “Best Forensic Scientist” shirt was absolutely adorable. Ella Lopez is truly the best and no one deserves her.

*I had no time to talk about it earlier, but it makes me so happy to see that Dan is the most well-adjusted of all the characters.


*Speaking of Dan, he’s a much better person than I am. If a person was as much of a racist dick to me as Pierce was to Dan I would never in a million years help him.

*I love Amenadiel even if he accidentally gave Pierce the idea to manipulate Chloe; hey, it’s not his fault that Pierce can’t think like a decent person.

*Pierce mentioned the Sinnerman to Amenadiel; does this means we’re finally getting something about it? I love the show but that plot was their biggest fail in a season that includes Marcus Pierce as a character.


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  • The writers certainly did deliver the angst. I don’t mind the feels I’ve been getting.

    Finally, a yandere as the culprit.

    I hope Linda and Maze will rise out of this falling out mess stronger than ever.

    I have noticed that Cain emotes more when his plans get derailed. He’s bummed out as in strumming a guitar in an emo way because his hopes were dashed in the previous episode. In 3×10, he takes out his frustration on Ella because the Sinneman thing veered too much off course.

    The written testimonials Cain receives sure does serve as a contrast to the spoken testimonials about Lucifer in 3×7.

    Dan’s ‘nauseated omg. yikes’ expression after listening to Cain’s life sucks speech was memorable.

    I’d like to believe Ella talking about faith to Amenadiel in 3×1 has influenced Amenadiel’s words to Cain in this ep.