Review – Mech Cadet Yu #7 (BOOM! Studios)

The Sharg Invasion Begins in Mech Cadet Yu #7

The cadets barely escaped with their lives in the previous issue. The Cadet Academy was infested with Sharg eggs and upon hatching, they began their attack. Yu and the other Cadets were able to hold them off and survive long enough for backup to arrive. The battle was not without loss, though, as the Academy had to be destroyed due to the infestation. Now Yu and the other Cadets are heading to the Mian Command Center in Mech Cadet Yu #7.

As they continue to learn about the Sharg’s plan of attack, we learn something very shocking about General Park’s plan to finally defeat the Sharg. The plan does not bode well for the Cadets and their Mechs; it might be time to go rogue! 


Mech Cadet Yu #7 BOOM! Studios alt. cover by Marcus To
alt. cover by Marcus To

I am still loving Mech Cadet Yu overall, but the pacing may need to slow down a little. It seems one thing happens after another, and I would like Pak to slow it down a little bit. In Mech Cadet Yu #7 we are whisked off to the Command Center and then we learn more about the Sharg attack and the General’s new plan. I wish we got a little bit more time with the characters. We learned a lot about Francis Yu in the first four issues and we have gotten to know General Park’s daughter fairly well. But the other characters feel like they have fallen by the wayside. I still do not know anything about the other two Cadets. The story feels like it could settle down for an issue or two.

I am still enjoying the series though. It continues to be tons of fun to read and I like the continued mystery of Captain Tanaka. The tension between Captain Tanaka and General Park is fantastic in this issue. Pak does an incredible job of making it ooze off the pages when they are speaking or talking about each other.


Takeshi Miyazawa continues to do some impressive work on Mech Cadet Yu #7. He does some fantastic character work in this issue; the facial expressions are fantastic throughout.  I love the perspectives he puts on certain shots in this issue. There is a great upward angle shot of a new Mech unit. It not only shows off the massive scale of the Mech but also its design. Once again Miyazawa has some wonderful designs. On this Mech, he once again pulls from other classic designs and puts his own spin on it as well. He is fantastic at making these simple but elegant designs for these machines.

Triona Farrell, on colors, also continues to shine in Mech Cadet Yu #7. She uses some wonderful red hues throughout this issue and she sets the tone perfectly for certain scenes (no spoilers). I love the softer, more “bland” color palette she has been using throughout this series; it works extremely well with Miyazawa’s art.


Mech Cadet Yu continues to be a superb all-ages comic book. The overall story is a delight to read and just overall delivers an enjoyable time. While I do wish maybe the story would slow down just a little so we could get more character time, it is not a huge deal. The art team continues to deliver some fantastic artwork throughout the series that brings the story to life. With the Sharg continuing to attack and the Cadets on the run, the Cadets are finding out that some decisions in war are not as black-and-white as they seem.


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