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Thought-Provoking Stories – Postal: Laura #1

Postal introduced audiences to Eden, Wyoming, a town designed as a safe haven for criminals. Throughout the series, it is described as a kind of hell. Laura Shiffron was the wife of the town’s founder, Isaac. After nearly killing him, she took over as the mayor of Eden. Laura’s son, Mark, became mayor after Laura took her own life. Postal: Laura #1 follows the aftermath of Laura’s death. Also included in this issue is a special preview of Top Cow Productions crossover series, Eden’s Fall.


For readers unfamiliar with Postal, the first page of the issue summarizes everything that has happened previously. It explains that Mark assumed the role of mayor after his mother’s passing. Additionally, the summary explains the deep, dark roots of the Shiffron family. After the summary, the reader is introduced to Mark and his wife, Maggie. They have both suffered great losses. Maggie lost her child and Mark lost his mother. Both characters have huge responsibilities within the town of Eden. Postal: Laura #1 follows both characters throughout a normal day on the job. Mark and Maggie make sure that the town of Eden stays safe. They also ensure that punishments are given as needed when others break the law.

Postal: Laura #1 (CA) Raffaele Ienco
Postal: Laura #1 (CA) Raffaele Ienco

The sneak peek of Eden’s Fall follows three central characters from three Top Cow series. James Miller (a.k.a. Jimmy) an FBI Agent from The Tithe series, hunts for a deranged killer. With the help of his love interest, Sam (The Tithe), friend Dwayne (The Tithe), and an associate named David Loren (Think Tank), Jimmy tracks the killer to the town of Eden. The preview ends when the group sets out to find Eden.


Bryan Hill and Matt Hawkins have written some great and provocative content for both stories. There is plenty of thought-provoking dialogue and dramatic scenes in this issue. One of my favorite scenes is of Mark visiting a graveyard. Mark does not speak much in this scene, but there is a lot of tension that comes across in his dialogue. Hill’s writing in Eden’s Fall is very similar to that in Postal: Laura #1. There is a lot of tension between characters. Every character’s dialogue feels unique in some way, making them feel a little more real.


Isaac Goodhart’s artwork in this issue has a minimalist flair that really matches the tone of the story. There is a sort of noir and dream-like quality to the artwork itself. Goodhart’s art gives Postal: Laura #1 a Twin Peaks kind of aesthetic. K. Michael Russell’s colors match the minimalist and noir-like nature of Goodhart’s art. The colors further enhance the dreamy visuals, adding a chilling vibe similar to that of the Silent Hill comics.

The aesthetic of Eden’s Fall is very different from that of Postal: Laura #1. Atilio Rojo’s artwork is highly stylized and oddly surreal. Though, one thing I did notice was that all the characters kind of looked like porcelain dolls. K. Michael Russell’s color scheme is similar to that of Postal: Laura #1, but it has a polished look to it that enhances Rojo’s artwork.


Postal: Laura #1 is a fantastic addition for fans and a great place to start for those that have never read a Postal comic before. The story is self-contained and very powerful. From start to finish there is not a lot to complain about. The narrative is straightforward and does not stray from its intended message. Additionally, Eden’s Fall gives readers just enough to get excited about the new crossover series. Hill has done a great job with this particular entry.


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