Review – Wonder Woman #42 (DC Comics)

Intriguing Possibilities Arise in Wonder Woman #42

Wonder Woman #42 continues the Amazons Attacked arc in a confrontation with Grail, Darkseid’s daughter. Previously, in Wonder Woman #41, Diana told Steve Trevor about some strange occurrences in the D.C. area. Additionally, readers learned that Darkseid has a devious plan for Themyscira. Though Darkseid’s intentions were not revealed in issue #41, they become clear in Wonder Woman #42!


Wonder Woman #42: Amazons Attacked part 2, picks up where issue #41 left off. Wonder Woman’s twin brother Jason has returned in a strange suit of armor. He recalls an odd dream that seems straight out of 2001: A Space Odyssey. He recalls strange monoliths in a world of darkness where he receives his armor to Diana and Trevor. While he recalls what he remembers, the group is informed Grail has appeared in Germany. With Jason’s newly acquired powers, he and Diana fly to Germany in no time.

Once there, they discover that Grail is in the midst of killing the Wild Huntsman. They have a pretty great brawl before Wonder Woman captures Grail with the Lasso of Truth. It is then Grail reveals what Darkseid is after. Her father wants relics whose energy connects them to a time when the “new gods were old gods.” In a rather interesting twist, Grail escapes.


As the mystery begins to unravel, the story itself becomes more interesting. Wonder Woman #42 does not focus so much on its characters as issue #41 did. Thus, there is a little more action in this issue. It was a little disappointing to see James Robinson seemingly blow off Wonder Woman’s potential mental issues. However, that’s not to say readers won’t see that again in future installments. The action and dialogue were very well written in this issue. The characters’ motivations did not seem out of place. Nor did their dialogue feel forced or out of character.


Jesus Merino’s artwork is fantastic in this issue. Every image is highly detailed. All characters stand out from one another and countenances read clear. Grail especially stands out as her shadowy presence juxtaposes Wonder Woman’s valiant appearance. However, when a character’s face looks a little strange, it really stands out. Romulo Fajardo, Jr.’s colors fit the tone of this issue quite well. They enhance Merino’s artwork, lending it a kind of vividness that makes it come alive.


So far, the story of the Amazons Attacked arc is very intriguing. I am excited to see what Robinson has planned for future installments. I am interested in seeing who does the artwork for the next installments, as both Merino and Stephen Segovia’s have been superb thus far. Additionally, I do hope that Steve and Diana will continue to discuss the mental effects of her many adventures in the future. And, I do hope we learn just where Jason disappeared to and how that will affect Wonder Woman. Overall, the plot thickens in this issue and very intriguing details arise as to Darkseid’s true motives. Will he travel back in time to rule over Themyscira as a god? One can only hope, as that would be amazing and give Wonder Woman a truly formidable foe!

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