Top 10 Coolest Bat Vehicles – Batmobile and Beyond

Batman’s Coolest Bat Vehicles

Bruce Wayne has enough money to finance a small army. If he were a main character in Game of Thrones, he would control the Iron Bank and take the Iron Throne. His alter-ego, Batman, has all the gadgets he would ever need to overcome any obstacle. When he does not have whatever gadget he needs to defeat an enemy, he just makes it. However, he would not be able to fight crime if he didn’t buy or build some pretty awesome Bat Vehicles.

1. Batmobile – The New Batman Adventures (1997)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesThe New Batman Adventures was a continuation of Batman: The Animated Series, though it focused more on Robin, Nightwing, and Batgirl rather than the titular character. The show mostly retained its emotional brevity as it explored the psychology of its main cast. The style of animation was quite a departure from BTAS. It looked a little more kid-friendly, I suppose. With that stylistic change came a Batmobile redesign. While it retained its definite Tim Burton influences, it added some unique features. This Batmobile was sleek and looked a little less ridiculous than its predecessor. Not to mention, it had tons of new gadgets that could help Batman and Co. if they were in a bind.

2. Batmissile – Batman Returns (1992)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesSpeaking of being in a bind, the Batmissile helped Batman evade the police in Burton’s Batman Returns. This vehicle has only ever been featured in Batman Returns and has yet to make another appearance. The Batmissile is pretty self-descriptive. While Batman was running from the police after the Penguin had hijacked the Batmobile, he only had one means of escape. It was a narrow opening through an alley. Batman flipped a switch and the Batmobile basically transformed into the Batmissile. It looked like a cross between a torpedo and a motorcycle with a steampunk aesthetic. Batman just seems to think of everything.

3. Batpod – The Dark Knight (2008)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesThe Batpod was built into the Tumbler as the perfect escape vehicle. It not only acts a means for a quick escape, but it’s also a reliable vehicle on its own. The design was simple, yet it was not boring. It had built-in guns and the front wheel could turn up to 360 degrees. All of those features make this one of Batman’s coolest Bat Vehicles.


4. Batgyro – Detective Comics #31 (1939)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesThe Batgyro made its first appearance in Detective Comics #31 back in 1939. Batman had to use it to go to Europe when Julie Madison was hypnotized. Why does that matter? Well, Julie Madison was Bruce Wayne’s fiancée. He followed her all the way to Paris where The Monk—a half-werewolf, half-vampire—kidnapped her. After rescuing his fiancée, the Batgyro was used a few more times after that. This vehicle was equipped with autopilot and a retractable ladder. Additionally, it could even use smoke to disguise it as a cloud. Now, this seems like one of the stranger Bat Vehicles, but was probably pretty cool for its time. It makes this list because without it there would be no Batplane or Batwing.

5. Batmobile – The Batman (2004)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesThe Batman was a re-imagining of sorts of the Caped Crusader. The show largely established its own continuity with different origin stories and character arcs for both the villains and Batman and Co. With that newly established continuity came a redesign for the Bat Vehicles, but more specifically, the Batmobile. This particular Batmobile looked a little more suitable for the road. It looked very futuristic, but also modern at the same time. It is a very unique design for the Batmobile. This vehicle was equipped with turbo boosters and was easily modifiable. Overall, it was basically a souped-up Lamborghini.

6. Bruce Wayne’s Lamborghini – The Dark Knight (2008)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesThis has got to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing vehicles in Batman’s arsenal. Sure, one can argue that it is not really a Bat Vehicle. However, it is owned by Bruce Wayne (aka Batman), it’s probably modified to go well over 200 mph, it looks kind of like the Batmobile from The Batman, and it has a Bat Symbol on it. Additionally, it’s a Murciélago, which is Spanish for “bat.” Though it does not have any gadgets, he used it to save Coleman Reese’s life during an attempted assassination. Thus, technically, it can be counted as one of Batman’s many Bat Vehicles.

7. The Tumbler – Dark Knight Trilogy (2005-2012)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesWhat can I say that has not already been said about the Tumbler? It’s one of many things that sets Christopher Nolan’s trilogy apart from other Batman films. This vehicle, both in functionality and aesthetically, grounds Nolan’s trilogy in reality. This vehicle alone demonstrates how resourceful Bruce Wayne can be. He took a military vehicle and modified it to suit his purposes. It struck fear into anyone who came face-to-face with it. Not to mention, it’s very sleek and a very unique Bat Vehicle indeed.

8. The Bat – The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesHonestly, many of the Bat Vehicles in Nolan’s trilogy look like something you’d find in the Terminator series. The Bat is no different. Though it is rather bulky, the Bat does look like it could actually be used in combat. Tricked out with plenty of firepower and autopilot, the vehicle, as seen in the film, was very resourceful. Additionally, it got Batman and Gotham City out of a pretty nasty situation. Not to mention, I’m pretty sure the only thing that could destroy the Bat is an atomic bomb.

9. Batmobile – Batman (1989)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesWhenever anyone mentions the Batmobile, I always think of its iteration in BTAS and Tim Burton’s Batman. The sleek design just exudes “cool.” Not only do the built-in gadgets get Batman out of some trouble, but the thing was pretty fast. Additionally, the design acts as an homage and redefined the Batmobile for a new generation. If that doesn’t make this one of the coolest Bat Vehicles, I don’t know what does.

10. Batmobile – Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

Top 10 Coolest Bat VehiclesHow could we put together a list about Batman’s Bat Vehicles without including the Batmobile from Arkham Knight? Seemingly taking inspiration from the Tumbler in Nolan’s films, this Batmobile is pretty much a tank. It could transform at any given moment, if Batman gave the command, into a tank. This Batmobile came with everything. It had a minigun, a cannon, riot suppressors, shields, digital viruses, etc. You name it, this Batmobile probably has it. This Batmobile was both a defensive and offensive weapon. Any jam that Batman found himself in, this vehicle had the solution.

All vehicles featured here are copyright DC Comics and their individual creators.

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