Kuna, Idaho Dedicates Subdivision to Westeros

Game of Thrones Invades Idaho

A local engineer in Kuna, Idaho named several streets in a planned subdivision after Firefly and Game of Thrones characters. The subdivision features several geeky street names in its full plan. At this time, only two street names have been officially approved by the city.

Geeking Out

Across the moors of Oregon, and just on the other side of the desert expanse of Nevada lies the mythic land of Idaho. The mystical territory is home to potatoes and this author’s favorite musical artist, Josh Ritter.  Rarely does big news escape the unassuming towns, however, something geeky happened in the town of Kuna, Idaho.

Jannell Hall and employee of B&A Engineers, Inc. was given free reign over the street names of a new subdivision in Kuna. So, she did what anyone would do. She went buck-wild. First, she attempted to name the streets This Ave. and That Street. Naturally, those names did not receive approval.

But, Jennell did not give up. Instead, she pushed forward and snuck in two Game of Thrones-themed street names into the subdivision. Residents of the new subdivision can live on the corner of South Baratheon Avenue and West Rickon Street if they so choose. Or, they can pick a residence on the other side of the neighborhood. You know, where West Malcolm Way meets South Inara Street. Although, the Firefly themed names haven’t received official approval from the city yet.

Kuna, Idaho subdivision
Kuna, Idaho subdivision

Hall, not one to take carte blanche lightly, has more nerdy streets waiting in the wings. Stark, Sansa, and Tyrion all have spots in the full subdivision. Who knows, maybe a nice couple with a daughter named Khaleesi will settle into the neighborhood. Of course, if a kid named Joffery strolls in, chances are high that property values in the area will tank.

This is the kind of thing that brings a smile to our face. In an increasingly tumultuous world, it’s nice to know people are still fighting the geeky fights and winning. Honestly, all Kuna needs is a dog mayor, and I’ll start looking for property in the area.


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