Review – Gears of War: The Rise of Raam #4 (IDW Publishing)

A Bloody Finale for The Rise of Raam #4

Gears of War: The Rise of Raam #4 appears to be the final issue in the Rise of Raam miniseries from Kurtis Wiebe. The issue does its best to tie up loose ends. It left me wanting a little more and to re-experience the first Gears of War game.


Gears of War The Rise of Raam #4 - Cover Art by Ryan Brown
Gears of War The Rise of Raam #4 – Cover Art by Ryan Brown

The story itself is pretty straightforward. It picks up where issue #3 left off and shows Raam leading thousands of Locust to the surface to wage war against humanity. However, Rise of Raam #4 opens with the day in the life of a Cog (human soldier). It’s a pretty fruitless attempt to make readers empathize with humanity before terror strikes. To be fair, it was interesting seeing how the humans reacted to the Locust attack. Though, that does not make the scene necessary. With that scene aside, the rest of The Rise of Raam #4 is a blast, as it shows readers a glimpse of Emergence Day.


Kurtis Wiebe’s writing in this final installment is superb. Characters’ actions make sense and add tension to certain scenes. Dialogue adds another level of depth to the overall story, making characters seem real. There were only a couple of instances that felt rushed. One of which was when Raam encounters a certain character. That particular scene did not seem realistic even in the world of Gears of War.


Max Dunbar’s artwork has remained consistent throughout The Rise of Raam miniseries. It is highly detailed and smooth. Dunbar’s artwork remains faithful to aesthetics and details of the original Gears of War series. Therefore, his artwork continues to match the tone of Wiebe’s story. For those that were unimpressed with the gore, the final issue has plenty of that. In The Rise of Raam #4, Dunbar gets to show off the inner workings of both the Locust and the humans. Jose Luis Rio’s color scheme fits the tone and adds extra depth to the violent finale.


The Rise of Raam #4 is a fitting end to this incredible miniseries. It ends in a way that will make readers want more. Personally, I wanted another Gears of War comic to dive into after turning the final page. With that in mind, once the story is over, readers can enjoy some letters to the author. In one of Wiebe’s responses, he hints at future Gears of War series – potentially through IDW Publishing. If that is the case, then it will be exciting to see where the Gears of War series goes from here. There is the potential for future comics to follow Raam as he continues to terrorize humanity.


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