Review – New Mutants: Dead Souls #2 (Marvel Comics)

Cold Dead Hands in New Mutants: Dead Souls #2

Previously on The X-FilesI mean New Mutants: Dead Souls Strong Guy, Rictor, Boom-Boom, and Wolfsbane, led by Magik, thwarted a Witch bringing back the undead in Alabama. The team has been brought back together by Xi’an “Shan,” former New Mutant and current CEO of Hatchi Corporation. She has brought the team back together to investigate paranormal occurrences and appointed Magik as their leader. In New Mutants: Dead Souls #2 the team has a new mission that sends them to the Arctic and face to face with a frost giant!


New Mutants: Dead Souls #2 Marvel Comics cover by Ryan Stegman
cover by Ryan Stegman

So, I am really digging what Matthew Rosenberg is doing with this New Mutants series. I love digging more into the paranormal side of the Marvel Universe and having these quirky characters be the ones to do it is fantastic. And having the team just getting randomly pulled into a mission they know nothing about is a wonderful setup. So many questions are raised about why they are doing this and what for? Rosenberg nails the team dynamics in New Mutants: Dead Souls #2. All of these characters work so well together, they are a ton of fun to read!

The Arctic setting is a nice piece of scenery and the mystery of the missing scientist builds the tension up well. Thus the mystery throughout the issue is paced well and Rosenberg plays with the story well to lead the reader along. Having our heroes go on these “monster of the week” adventures while a bigger plot unfolds in the background is a great setup by Rosenberg. Additionally, this lets the characters develop and come into their own while a bigger plot moves forward. It makes each issue of New Mutants: Dead Souls an exciting read and different from the previous issue.


Adam Gorham continues on art duties in New Mutants: Dead Souls #2. While not my favorite style, Gorham does a good job of bringing the story to life. My main complaints are that at times the faces of the characters look off compared to their bodies. At times they seem to have odd facial expressions. In the more far away shots the details and actions of the characters can be lost as well. With those small complaints aside, Gorham does a great job in catching these characters in action. I love the small details in the closeup of the frost giant’s fist, with the cracks in its nails and rugged hand. There is a wonderful scene of Boom-Boom blowing up a door that Gorham nails. From the layout of the panels, the door exploding, to the facial expression, it is a delightful piece of work.

The colors by Michael Garland continue to work well with Gorham’s pencils and inks. Garland uses a darker color palette in the Arctic scenes, resulting in a fantastic horror-like vibe to the issue.


New Mutants: Dead Souls is what you get when you cross superheroes and The X-Files, and it works fantastically well! Having this odd group of mutants investigating these paranormal type mysteries makes this series a joy to read. The characters are well written and engaging, while the art gives the series an ominous atmosphere. New Mutants: Dead Souls #2 was a lot of fun and has me looking forward to the rest of the series!


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