Review – Wonder Woman #44 (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman Brings the Pain in Wonder Woman #44

Wonder Woman #44 is not holding anything back. It opens with a fantastic full-page image of Wonder Woman facing down Darkseid. From the start, this issue lets readers know that they are in for an excellent, action-packed ride!


Wonder Woman #44 Amazons Attacked DC Comics cover A by Carlo Pagulayan
cover A by Carlo Pagulayan

Wonder Woman #44 “Amazons Attacked part 4” picks up exactly where #43 left off. Wonder Woman #43 promised an action-packed follow-up and Wonder Woman #44 definitely delivers. However, despite all the action, it seems that this particular story focuses specifically on Wonder Woman facing her fears. Additionally, there are several references to Wonder Woman’s inability to face her fears on her own. However, it seems that this particular arc will turn all of that around.


James Robinson continues to show that he can write near-cinematic action scenes and emotional scenes. Both are equally interesting and keep the reader’s attention. There was never a moment that I inquired as to why the writer had decided an action for a character. Instead, I only wondered as to why the characters chose to do what they do. In my mind, that is a sign of a very talented writer. One who can make audiences forget that the story they are reading is fictional.


Emanuela Lupacchino’s artwork in Wonder Woman #44 is fantastic. Characters look stunning and the action looks flawless. Wonder Woman #44 allows Lupacchino to show that she knows how to handle action. In several panels throughout this issue, there is a lot going on. Though smaller fractions of the action are illustrated, Lupacchino shows readers just enough to remind them how chaotic the battle is. Romulo Fajardo Jr.’s colors continue to enhance the artist’s illustrations. In Wonder Woman #44, Fajardo Jr.’s color scheme matches the tone of the story and adds extra depth to Lupacchino’s artwork.


Wonder Woman #44 is an exciting read that will keep readers entertained. It ends with a chilling cliffhanger that will make readers want to stick around for the next issue. As I mentioned before, this issue is action-packed. The issue primarily focuses on the action and little else. There are some references to Wonder Woman’s shortcomings, such as being too weak to face Darkseid alone. It does seem that that very subject will be addressed in the next issue or in later Wonder Woman installments. Given the ending, it seems likely that Wonder Woman will face at least one of her fears in the next issue.

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