Babs Tarr Heads to Mega-City One

Babs Tarr Leaves Gotham for Mega-City One

Babs Tarr is drawing a Judge Dredd story for this year’s 2000 A.D. Summer Special. This is Tarr’s first project with 2000 A.D. She is drawing a story written by Emma Beeby.

Babs Tarr
Babs Tarr

The 2000 A.D. Summer Special is the company’s big event issue. It features anthology stories featuring their most beloved characters. And, for the first time since its 1977 release, the Summer Special is using an all-female creative team. Obviously, the team boasts a bevy of talent, many of whom are new to 2000 A.D. And such is the case for Babs Tarr. Tarr made a name for herself drawing Batgirl from 2014 – 2016. She is heavily influenced by Japanese art, and she is the first female artist to work long-term on a comic in the Bat-universe. But, in 2016, the artist left Batgirl and joined with her former creative team at Image Comics on Motor Crush. She even wrote six issues of the title.

Judge Dredd’s Summer Vacation

But this summer, Babs Tarr trades in one gritty dystopia for another and joins forces with Emma Beeby for a Judge Dredd story in the Summer Special. Beeby is a veteran comic book writer with several 2000 A.D. titles under her belt including, of course, Judge Dredd’s Suicide Watch in 2013. She was the first woman to write for the character. As such, the contrast between a writer familiar to the character and an artist getting to draw an icon for the first time promises to be good.

Tarr claims her only memory of the character prior to drawing him is “the old-school movie with that epic costume and Stallone‘s juicy lips under that iconic helmet.” Most of the time, an eager person unfamiliar with a character or property gives it a much-needed shot in the arm. Essentially, they don’t feel 40 years of nostalgia that they need to honor. Instead, they find their own way to put a stamp on the character. Usually, they cast a unique new light on a beloved character. Tarr’s art is still in progress, but you can see a sample on her Twitter.

Furthermore, the all-female 2000 A.D. Summer Special is available digitally June 19th, and in stores sometime in July.

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